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Drip Tray On Wheels


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A few of you kindly said complimentary things about my keezer when I posted a picture of it with a question about Coopers kits. At that time I only had a temporary drip tray as pictured below. The stainless steel drip tray sits on the jarrah shelf, and the shelf is held onto the metal front of the keezer by powerful strip magnets (you can't use screws as they might puncture an internal gas pipe). Trouble is that the weight of a jug of beer can rotate the shelf downwards, spilling the jug and the beer of the floor - hence the vertical jarrah strut to stop this happening.

Then my wife suggested putting the drip tray on a trolley, still with the magnets on the back. This trolley can be seen standing in front of the keezer in the second photo below. The strip magnets are red.

Wheel the trolley up to the keezer and the magnets snap onto the front of the keezer (as shown in photo#3) after which the trolley will not move unless you really tug hard on it.  You can also lock the wheels of the trolley, but that is unnecessary - the magnets lock solidly onto the keezer.

When the drinking session is over, simply give a good tug to separate the drip try trolley from the keezer, wheel it to an out of the way storage place, thus creating more walkway space in front of the keezer, and now you can lock the trolley wheels if you wish, to prevent it from moving.

How to attach a drip tray to the front of a keezer can be a challenge. I hope this gives you some food for thought.

Kind regards,  Jim





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