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  1. How can I clear my Notifications list, please? It's great to be notified that I have some replies to a question I have asked you guys and girls, or to post I have made, but now I have a list going back several months it takes me too much time to find the current notifications. Is there some way of clearing the list once all notifications have been read, replied to, or otherwise dealt with? Many thanks, Jim @JimInCollie
  2. I am about to brew Thomas Cooper's Brew A IPA and I note that, on the can, it says "Recommended to be brewed with 1.5kg Cooper's Light Dry Malt". I don't have any Cooper's Light Dry Malt in stock, but I do have quite a lot of Cooper's Brew Enhancer #2. Would it be OK to substitute the Cooper's Light Dry Malt with Cooper's Brew Enhancer #2 this time round? I will get some Cooper's Light Dry Malt next time I go to my brew shop to use with the other cans I have in the Thomas Cooper range (I'm working my way through them), but I would like to get this one fermenting this weekend, if possible. Many thanks, Jim PS: How do I sign off with my username: JimInCollie (other than typing it in)?
  3. Thanks to all of you for the advices and comments. JimInCollie
  4. On the Brew Enhancer 2 pack it says to use it instead of sugar. So, to make a Coopers DIY Beer recipe, say Coopers Lager, the recipe would be: Either use: 1x can Coopers Extract + Ikg sugar -- or -- 1x can Coopers Extract +1kg dextrose -- or -- 1x can Coopers Extract + 1kg box of Brew Enhancer 2 But, given that Brew Enhancer 2 contains maltodextrins, and possibly other non-fermentables, we know that: 1kg Brew Enhancer 2 is NOT EQUAL to 1kg sugar (or dextrose). Does this mean that Brew Enhancer 2 gives us a lower ABV% than using sugar or dextrose would? I prefer full strength beers to mid-strength, and I always use Brew Enhancer instead of sugar or dextrose. Should I add some dextrose to the brew, when using Brew Enhancer, to keep the alcohol content up to the desired level (say, 4.5%)? Kind regards, Jim (JimInCollie)
  5. Thanks to all of you, Kmar92, DavidM, Pale Man, Jennysis, and Shamus, for your replies. I missed the 7.5% bit. I have added the kilo of dextrose and I am looking forward to a nice string brew to add to my keezer in a couple of months. Kind regards, Jim JimInCollie
  6. Thanks Shamus I missed the part of the description that said 7.5% It all makes sense now. I have added the 1kg of dextrose as you suggested, along with all the other ingredients in the order indicated, followed all the instructions, and the wort is cooling now. I should be able to add the yeast before I go to bed (I am in Western Australia and it is only 5.50pm here at the moment). Once again, many thanks, Jim
  7. Coopers Vintage Ale '22 recipe lists: 1x1kg Coopers Dextrose in the list of ingredients, but also includes: 1x1.7kg Thomas Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale, and 1x1.5kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Malt Extract 1x400g Dark Crystal Malt Is this not an excessive amount of fermentables - do I need all that Dextrose? I'm up to the part where you add the Dextrose so if you are online and can help I would be much obliged. Phone: 0428 396 052 or reply here asap. Many thanks, Jim JimInCollie
  8. Your ROTM recipe for COOPER'S VINTAGE ALE says to add 1kg Dextrose in addition to 1.7 kg Thomas Cooper's Family. Secret Amber Ale and 1.5kg TC Wheat Malt Extract. Seems like an excessive amount of fermentables to me!! URGENT ADVICE NEEDED JimInCollie 0428 396 052 Many thanks.
  9. David, Terminal, Classic, Admin, Old Bloke, Joe, and Members - thanks for your replies, and also the assurance that Discord is nothing to do with brewing or the Coopers family. As soon as I could see it was a nuisance of no interest to me I decided to delete it, but thought it might be worth checking with you first. Thanks again, JimInCollie
  10. Recently I responded to a pop-up inviting me to install Discord so I could chat to my Cooper's community forums friends in a Facebook-y way. Thinking it was a recommendation from you guys, I installed it. Now it has taken over my computer, popping up and running itself at inappropriate times, and it has nothing to do with brewing. Have any of you had a similar experience?
  11. After putting it off for a long time, I am finally trying Woolworths home brand DRAUGHT and LAGER. The only deviation from the recipe on the tin is that I used Cooper's Brew Enhancer #2. Currently they are kegged and undergoing secondary fermentation. Thus far they both taste delicious. Woolworths bought out Sail & Anchor, a very successful micro brewery. Maybe that is who makes their beer kits? I'll let you know how the finished product turns out when it graduates to my keezer. I'm hopeful. If it is as good as it promises to be, at around $10 a can it is great VFM and a good base for experimental brews. Jim
  12. Like many of you, I have accumulated some unused Cooper's yeast packets. It does not say on each packet what yeast is inside. Would they all be the same, or Would they be different depending on which kit they came from? Thanks, JimInCollie.
  13. Hi Interceptor. "Makes for easy swap when I run out" - Excellent point! Thanks, Jim
  14. I know how you feel. I just paid off my credit card, the one I used to buy the 6x taps for my keezer, and some extra kegs, and other bits and pieces. I'm wondering how much beer I will have to brew, and what the savings will be compared with store-bought beer, to make it worth doing? Worthwhile financially, I mean. It is a hobby after all, and I'm learning heaps which is also an asset, and the beer is usually better than most store-bought beers, anyway, so I'm not whingeing, just need to put the credit card away is all.
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