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  1. Like many of you, I have accumulated some unused Cooper's yeast packets. It does not say on each packet what yeast is inside. Would they all be the same, or Would they be different depending on which kit they came from? Thanks, JimInCollie.
  2. Hi Interceptor. "Makes for easy swap when I run out" - Excellent point! Thanks, Jim
  3. I know how you feel. I just paid off my credit card, the one I used to buy the 6x taps for my keezer, and some extra kegs, and other bits and pieces. I'm wondering how much beer I will have to brew, and what the savings will be compared with store-bought beer, to make it worth doing? Worthwhile financially, I mean. It is a hobby after all, and I'm learning heaps which is also an asset, and the beer is usually better than most store-bought beers, anyway, so I'm not whingeing, just need to put the credit card away is all.
  4. Yes, I agree. I have had beer from friends in Bundaberg stubby bottles and they are fine. the only problem for me is that the de-labelled bottle still has the embossed "Bundaberg" on it, and many of the big brand names bottles are the same. I prefer cleanskin bottles so that my own label is the only brand on them. Thanks, Jim
  5. "if the empties don't come back, you get no more free beer" - brilliant! That will be my policy too from now on. Thanks Shamus Cheers, Jim
  6. "Strictly pickup only of course and I think this is where the problems may start Brisbane south side here " I agree! Thanks for the offer, but as I am in Western Australia, country WA at that, picking up is a major challenge for me. Thanks for the offer, anyway. Jim
  7. Awesome - thank you very much. I'll print it out and stick it on the wall behind/above my computer screen Tx, Jim
  8. Thanks. I will check out Gumtree. Forgive my ignorance, but what is "LBHS"? I looked up acronyms on Google and got: "Lord Beaverbrook High School". Thanks again, Jim.
  9. Thanks Otto My manifold is on the inside as you can see in the picture below. If I had one tube coming in from outside and no gas cylinder inside I could tidy up my plumbing and have more room for kegs. Many thanks, Jim
  10. Sorry to take a while to get back to you Shamus O'Sean Question: For comparison, what is the actual spacing of your taps, Jim? Answer: 125mm between centres (125mm = 5 inches) I was lucky in this regard. When I bought the taps from Lager Land, Australind, WA, the owner of the shop warned me not to put them too close together and showed me the problem you have when you are trying to tilt a large glass, or jug, while filling it from taps that are too close together. I measured the length of the useable space and divided it by 6 which gave me an answer of 125mm which is perfect for me. I would not recommend putting taps much less than this, certainly not less than 100mm apart.
  11. I have a 6 tap keezer (pictured) and keep my CO2 bottle INSIDE the keezer. I do this because in my earlier days someone recommended I do so. However, it has occurred to me that if I had it OUTSIDE the keezer there would be these advantages: To turn the gas ON or OFF I would not have to open the lid of the keezer and reach in among all the tubing to do so. It would be much quicker, if you were only having one pint, to turn the gas ON, pour the beer, and turn it off again; much quicker to put the keezer to bed at the end of a session - just turn the gas off! or, is there some technical reason for keeping the cylinder cold? Also, would it be better for the regulator gauges to be warm and dry outside the keezer than misty, cold, and maybe damp inside the keezer? I look forward to your thoughts. Many thanks, Jim Pictured is my wife adding the finishing touches to the paintwork of my homemade keezer.
  12. Do any of you know of a source of cheap glass stubby bottles, 330ml or 375ml or thereabouts? I both keg and bottle my beer. At home I prefer beer off the taps of my keezer. When I do drink stubbies, e.g. take them to a BBQ party at a friend's house; I rinse them and bring them home again, but when I give family and friends beer as gift, in the form of stubbies, I don't always get the bottles back - sometimes from family members; almost never from friends, acquaintances or strangers. So, my supply of washed and sanitised stubby bottles has dwindled over time and it all adds to the expense if one has to buy new ones, let alone, Heaven forbid, buy a carton of commercial beer just to end up with the empties for my next bottling. I label my bottles, so cleanskins are best. I don't like PET bottles. I thought it might be worth asking as most of you have been brewing a lot longer than I have and I would be interested in hearing how you keep up with your supply of bottles. Many thanks Jim
  13. I live in Collie, a town of around 8,000 people, about 200Km south of Perth, Western Australia. Collie is inland from Bunbury by about 45Km. Bunbury is a Port city and WA's second largest city. That's where my brew shop is (Lagerland).
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