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Coopers Downhill IPA- dry hops?


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I have the Downhill IPA recipe of the month fermenting. In there about six days. I’m on my phone so can’t post the link but the hops are 50 gms of pacific jade for 10 mins and 25 gms Amarillo at flameout. There is no dry hop. I just checked and there is a great Krausen but I had a little sniff and it’s missing that great hop aroma. I’m thinking of going to the LHBS tomorrow and chucking in 100 gms of one of the C hops 

yay or nay 

yay because hops rule 

nay because the recipe is made with coopers hefe wheat extract and k97 dry yeast so a dry hop might screw things up. 

I know coopers have to be cost effective but I can’t see any harm in a cheeky dry hop


thoughts ?

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Some many recipes and so many options.  I feel your pain.

I say

  1. Go with the recipe as you have to date.  Try other options later; or
  2. Maybe, once fermentation is complete, you could transfer out half of the brew to a secondary container and dry hop it to see the difference.

Cheers Shamus

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In the past I've let a brew reach FG, then bottled say 6 or so as is. I've then dry hopped the remainder and bottled what's left, to compare both. I did this with what I'm drinking now, which was just a K&K bootmaker pale ale with a 40g dry hop of Citra hops. The beer bottles without the dry hop was ok but lacking something. The dry hopped beers were much better.

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