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  1. karlos_1984

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    Thanks again for the advice. I made it up with yeast from 8 session ale stubs and have it stored in an esky. Will shake for a few days n fridge it until needed. Cheers.
  2. karlos_1984

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    Thanks. Does it need to warm up prior to pitching, or can I just chuck it in cold?
  3. karlos_1984

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    Just making another CCA yeast again. I've got the yeast from 8 stubbies ready to go. I'm not planning on brewing for another couple weeks. Once the starter has fermented, how long can I store it in the fridge for?
  4. karlos_1984

    My NEIPA

    Pricey recipe tho old mate.
  5. karlos_1984

    My NEIPA

    Ah Roger mate. Yeah I've watched that a few times. Looks the goods. It's on the to do list for sure. Hope yours turns out well.
  6. karlos_1984

    My NEIPA

    Care to share your NEIPA recipe? Wouldn't mind brewing one.
  7. Hi guys, Just after any recommendations on how I would go about making a galaxy based IPA in a 5ltr boil, together with a Cooper's extract base, up to either 20 or 21 litres. I'd like to use galaxy only as I've got some on hand. I've got the following extract cans on hand and was wondering which would work best. 2 X mex cervesa 1 X Cooper's APA 1 X real ale I really wanna throw a lot of hops at this one and make it a bit of a hop bomb without being too bitter that it's not enjoyable. Can anyone suggest a good recipe? Thanks.
  8. karlos_1984


    Yeah I've tried re-tightening them but they're already tight AF, can't really turn them any more. Might be a few did ones maybe
  9. karlos_1984


    Were left for just over 2 weeks. Which is my minimum for any brew I make. I chilled a couple on Xmas day and they were good as gold. Fizzy and tasted fine. Since after Nye I've had the dramas with them going flat, as I said it's got me buggered because the first few were all good.
  10. karlos_1984


    Dunno what else I could have done different besides bulk priming. I used 2 X carb drops in each PET bottle and this has never failed me before.
  11. karlos_1984


    Nah theyre pretty much flat once you pour them. I've tipped most out, they're pretty ordinary anyway.
  12. karlos_1984


    Further to my last post on PETs, it appears they're holding the cider carbonation ok whilst being stored, but when chilling them for a day to drink, they're somehow getting flat and letting carb out. The bottles are tight AF when put in the fridge, then before taking them out they've softened and u can press the side in. The lids are tight as a nuns u know what as well, so it's got me buggered.
  13. karlos_1984


    Bugger. The I didn't mind the 2018 one but I didn't think it was anything g overly special. The 2017 and 2016 brews were far superior IMO
  14. karlos_1984

    Cooper's recipe searching

    Awesome thanks mate. Didn't know this existed. Should make it easier cheers.
  15. Is there a way to search for recipes on the Cooper's site, by what ingredients you have? I've got a few different cans of extracts and hops on hand, and it'd be much easier to find a recipe for inspriation by using the ingredient as a search criteria, rather than having to go in and read every bloody recipe. For example, if I had a can of APA and say 50g galaxy hops, it'd be good to search the recipe page using these as keywords to see what recipes use these ingredients as a base. PB, just a suggestion, but can we see if this can be a possible option in future please?