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  1. Thanks mate. I was thinking that'd be the right idea in regards to fermenting temps, rest etc. I'll probably replicate these steps and see how it turns out. Cheers.
  2. Thanks. I was aware that euro can had a lager yeast. However I was keen to use another from the lhbs just to have better results. 7g isn't really enough I'm my opinion. What's a good strain to use?
  3. Hey guys. I've searched the forum but given the large range of results I was hoping someone could just give me a brief outline on how to brew a quick and easy lager. I'm short of time so was thinking I'd just do a quick K&K using the euro lager can and DME with a decent lager yeast. I've got temp control. Just haven't brewed a lager before. Is a starter necessary? What are the suggested temps, times etc and the process of doing a diactetal rest? I've probably left it a bit late for summer but if I could brew this some time this week then have it for late December or January that'd be ideal. Cheers.
  4. My first few times using a hop sock ended up in 3 bad batches because the bag i used hadn't been cleaned properly. If I use a bag for a dry hop I now make sure it's rinsed clean, boil for 10 mins, then dunk the bag in starsan prior to putting the hops in and chucking in the fermenter. Alternatively, use the chux cloth method. I get a new chux cloth, cut a length about 2cm wide from one end. Soak them in starsan. Add the hops to the cloth and bundle it up, using the cut off piece to tie it all up. Chuck it in the FV and when the brew is done I just throw the chux and hops in the bin. Less mucking around.
  5. It's all good. The next morning activity had started and now there's a fat 2 inch thick layer of Krausen. Smelling awesome. She'll be right. On the Topic of starters, can we just use sugar for that or does it have to be DME? I figure if we can reactivate Cooper's yeast with sugar, then why not other yeast strains.
  6. Sorry mate. It's easy to forget some of you poor buggers are in lockdown.
  7. I did a simple toucan brew last night. Pitched harvested wlp810 yeast into the wort, then let some out of the tap back into my jar and stirred up remaining yeast and tipped into the FV. Nil activity after 24 hrs. Didn't make a starter, this yeast has only been used in 1 beer before it, but it's been stored in the fridge for a few months. Haven't had any issues doing this before. Should I wait a bit longer or just throw some kit yeast at this beer? OG of 1060, 20 ltr brew. Pitched at and remains at 18.5 degrees. Cheers.
  8. Just get a second hand fridge off FB marketplace or scumtree. If space is an issue there was an older Westinghouse bar fridge (without freezer) that a few people had which would fit the Cooper's fv inside, just (without the Krause collar). There was an old post on the forum a couple years ago which listed the model. Perhaps do a search for it if that's what you're after. Most household fridges will fit at least 1 if not 2 fv in them no problems. (look for a fridge with no freezer).
  9. Stout in a yellow tin? Yes please. Can fit more in the 12v fridge for camping. While they're at it, they should knock out some brown tins and release dark ale in a can also.
  10. I'm wondering if the 300g oats in the grist may have something to do with the SG and likely FG being a bit high. I would have expected it to get down to the 1020 -1025 range as the expected ABV was meant to be around 6.5%
  11. Mash temp was about 68 degrees. I say about as this was a small batch done on the stove in my 19 ltr big W pot and I mashed in the oven. Oven was preheated on the lowest setting (gas oven, painful) and SWMBO oven thermometer thingo said 70 degrees. Oven was off for mash. I ended up turning on the oven momentarily about half way thru as the thermometer read the temp had dropped. I tried keeping it just under the 70 mark, which was the lowest number on that thermometer. Mashed for 90 mins. I'll bump the temp up to 20 degrees and give it a shake up.
  12. I've got a 13 ltr batch of a BIAB stout I put down on Sunday. The OG was 1069 and I didn't allow time for making a starter. I'd only bought a single packet of S04 yeast and then after crunching the numbers on a pitching calculator, realised the 11.5 g packet wasn't enough. I ended up pitching the S04 with a packet of Coopers kit yeast as the calculations suggested I'd have enough yeast cells. (Pitched dry) It's now 4 days in and the SG has been stopped at only 1030 for a couple days. I'm raising my temp from 18 degrees up to 21 to try and get it to finish and I'll probably give the wort a good stir/shake up as well. Should I pitch more yeast?
  13. I've done it plenty of times. Definitely worth it. You can use yeast from more than the suggested 6 stubbies if you're concerned about under pitching. I generally reactivate with 6 to 8 stubbies of either pale or session ale, depending on what I'm going to initially brew with it.
  14. We had to hit the road in April over the Easter weekend, amongst all the covid madness. Packed the wife and 2 boys (one nearly 3, the other a few months old) into the ute, with the fridge and all our gear, loaded to the roof, and headed north to Qld (compassionate grounds). Our little 4 legged mate had to have an extended holiday with friends and her 4 legged best mate down the road. To avoid any unnecessary risk, we'd precooked and frozen all our meals and stocked the fridge with them, plus my home brews for the overnight stops on the way. Also had a carton of Coopers on board as I also refuse to drink the dishsoap water that is littered across the landscape up north. Had to hotel it, but due to it being Easter and the government telling everyone to stay home, the roads and towns were quiet. Stopped for a night each at Broken Hill, Bourke, Goondiwindi then from there to our destination at Rockhampton. Had no issues getting over the border at the time as we'd prepared all our documents and found the border checks quite laxy daisy given all the media coverage about it. So we were basically stopped there living with inlaws for about 3 months. We've since said our goodbyes and had a great send off for a loved one. After Anastasia Palletjack or whatever her name is opened up travel within the state, my brother drove up from the Sunshine Coast to visit which was great and we caught up for our first pub meal and refreshment in ages. We also stopped in at his place on the return home journey for a couple days and we got to spend some time in country NSW with my folks, who got to meet their new grandson. They weren't able to when he was born because of bloody covid restrictions. It was a great drive back as everything has greened up due to the rain and we even stopped in at freezing Echuca to see the wife's bridesmaid on the last nite of our trip home. We're now back home in not so sunny Adelaide, "enjoying" the cold weather after wearing shorts n t shirts for 3 months. Whilst up in Qld I'd bought out all the local Dan's Cooper's pale green tins as they're not as high in demand because the locals all buy the boxes of marlin labelled swill. I must say, the cans are really awesome, as when you're travelling you can fit more in a car fridge and theyre easier to store. I have drawers built into my ute with a fridge slide, and I can fit a case of cans into my drawers easy as, where as stubbies are too high and have to be layed down. We're now in isolation (not infected, just them's the rules) for a couple weeks before I can finally get back to work and get on with life after a whirlwind 3 months. I'd bought ingredients for a small batch of choc coffee stout just before we had to leave, so I'll get that out of storage and get to that whilst we have to stay home. Glad to be out of the car and back in my own bed.
  15. It's not marine ply. Just regular ply. I'll wait n see what happens I suppose. Took me ages to build them don't wanna have to do it again
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