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  1. karlos_1984

    free shipping!

    Woolies and Big W have always been cheaper than the online store, regardless of club discount. My LHBS gives discounts on their Cooper's tins so I just buy from them. You can usually get ingredients from the LHBS cheaper than the ROTM brews anyway, (and more accessible as these sell out quick), while supporting local business.
  2. karlos_1984

    Melba hops

    I just brewed an attempted clone of session ale using galaxy and Citra, with the Cooper's commercial ale yeast. Tasting samples when checking gravity was very promising and tasted very very similar. I've dry hopped it n just began cold crashing so in a couple weeks I should be able to see how it turns out. If you're interested, my recipe is on the Cooper's session ale thread on the beer banter page.
  3. karlos_1984

    Todays tastings

    It's not craft by any stretch of the word. It's a basic beer, brewed by some noname mob but it's essentially a piss take by the blokes who write the bettoota advocate. Nothing special. Think of all megaswills putting their car keys in the fishbowl upon entry and this being the offspring result...
  4. karlos_1984

    Todays tastings

    Anyone else had this?
  5. karlos_1984

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    That's a good price. It's a great drop. I'm currently in Central Qld visiting relatives. Makes me appreciate the prices of Cooper's in SA. Paid $62 for a carton of Cooper's Session Ale. Will be an expensive trip. I refuse to drink the standard, "not so great" north fizzy water that's everywhere up here.
  6. karlos_1984

    Coopers session ale

    I took a SG sample today and tasted it. Wow! Can really tell the flavour difference from the CCA yeast. It tasted very close to the original session ale beer and the lighter colour was on par as well. The late hop boils have clearly done their job. It's not quite reached FG yet, bit given the promising flavour in this sample as it is, I'm almost tempted to bypass dry hopping it and just bottling it as is...
  7. karlos_1984

    Bloody Tooheys new....

    Typical qlder
  8. karlos_1984

    Todays tastings

    Thanks sounds good
  9. karlos_1984

    Woolies Clearance

    I did a real ale with 500 g of LDM, up to 12 ltrs with a hop tea of 30g each of Citra and Centennial, with a dry hop of the same amount. Used the kit yeast n it was delicious.
  10. karlos_1984

    Woolies Clearance

    I already got 3 Mexican cans a week or so ago. Have one in the FV as a Cooper's session ale clone at the moment. Just went to woolies then and snatched up a can of pale ale for $10 and a can of real ale for $8.50. The APA can i got is good until 05/20 and was the only one of 3 left that was still in date. There was still heaps of draught, lager and real ale left but a fair few were out of date. My stocks are good for awhile now. Never tried the home brand caps before but they should be fine.
  11. karlos_1984

    Bloody Tooheys new....

    I used to only drink new. As far as megaswills go, I still rate it. Shits all over VB, XXXX and Carlton
  12. karlos_1984

    Todays tastings

    Don't rate goodieson. Where's the shifty lizard taphouse? I haven't been down the Vale for awhile, is it relatively new?
  13. Probably closer to $30 or so. I know the 100g bags from beer belly are usually $10 at lesst
  14. karlos_1984

    Woolies Clearance

    I'd have stocked up on a few of those if I were you. Pretty sure there was a recipe for an ESVA from a year or 2 ago that is a toucan with both of those cans. Get onto that
  15. karlos_1984

    Woolies Clearance

    Kinda shit that they're dropping all of it. Was handy to grab them with the shopping