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  1. I think I've mailed this recipe. It's even better than the original. And it's super easy:
  2. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    Well yeah you're right. They drink great northern and my beer is easily better.
  3. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    I cracked the one stubby i did as a test yesterday afternoon. Straight away it fizzed up n ran down the sink. Only got half the beer left afterwards. It did taste better, but even after straining it into a glass it was still full of hop matter. Was a bit flatter too after the big overflow. Obviously oxidised by opening it and recapping with a couple hop pellets in there. I'll just feed this less than favourable beer to the in laws when they visit next week.
  4. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    Fair enough. Wasnt sure. But makes sense. Remember the old days of getting schooeys of half Carlton draught and half Tooheys old. Flashbacks
  5. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    Are u saying use a bit of stout and sit the hops in it, then chuck that in with the crap beer?
  6. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    How have u come to that conclusion @Worthog? This idea has only been a thought after seeing others do it in a bit of a different way. I've learnt how to make beer from this forum following the same processes as many others. Plus watching countless hours of YouTube footage on the topic. KR is a good source of learning for example... I always thought there's no harm in trying something different. The beer is ordinary at the moment but drinkable, so I've got nothing to lose really (except time picking hops out of my teeth with a toothpick it seems). No offence taken. Although I don't think I've done anything too out of the ordinary so far. Only made 2 batches that were less than favourable so far. Must be doing something right
  7. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    I've dropped pellets into the glass before but it took forever to break up and dissolve. I've got a few of these in the fridge already might give it a crack tonight
  8. karlos_1984

    Adding hops after bottling?

    I've made a batch of a K&K and it's been bottled for over a month or so and it's pretty bland n basic. I saw a video on YouTube by claw hammer supply where they experimented with adding hop pellets to commercial beers poured into a glass, giving noticeable results. Just tossing up the idea of doing this in my beer that's already bottled. Has anyone tried this? Figured I'd take the top off, drop a couple hop pellets into each stubby and recap it. Hoping not to lose carbonation, however could add another carb drop if recommended. Any advice or forseeable pros n cons you guys might have to offer on this? Cheers.
  9. karlos_1984

    Flameout Hop Additions

    Doesn't help that it's galaxy either. I did FO with cascade and centennial before and it was nowhere near as bitter.
  10. karlos_1984

    Flameout Hop Additions

    I may be wrong, but I think the amount of bitterness extracted will depend on how quickly a batch of wort is cooled after flame out. I've also read on here previously that some people use 5 mins on ianH spreadsheet to get a rough idea on how many IBU a flameout addition would add to your beer. I recently did a galaxy wheat based ale which is loosely aimed at replicating S&W, but I made a bigger batch this time and I wasn't able to chill it down as quickly as when I made a smaller batch of the same beer. Tasting samples of this one it appears more bitter than the previously made batch. I'm putting that down to the fact I couldn't chill the wort as quickly and I believe my FO additions have extracted more bitterness as a result
  11. karlos_1984


    Saw it the other day and thought the same thing
  12. karlos_1984

    Todays tastings

    Just had some friends over for dinner, sampled my toucan stout and was well received. Also, my mate gave me a couple of these old gems to try. Note the vintage. The old bloke up the road had a couple cartons in his cellar he'd forgotten about and offloaded some to my mate.
  13. karlos_1984

    DME v LME

    I recently made a batch using 1.5 kg of light DME and 1.5 kg of wheat DME in a 15 ltr boil. (No Cooper's extract tin as a base) It was a massive PITA stiring that much malt into that much water, it took forever as the wheat DME just turned into lumps and it had to be added very slowly. I reckon next time I make something like this I'll use a tin of liquid extract so it mixes in easier.
  14. karlos_1984

    Not sure if my beer is ok?

    A word of advice. Don't ever tip it out until after it's bottled and given a couple weeks at a minimum to carbonate. A lot of the time, tastes and smells come across a bit funny but 9 times out of 10, as long as you sanitised properly, everything is usually fine. This beer looks normal, they are cloudy during fermentation. If you cold crash it'll clear it a bit. But as long as it tastes fine after bottling then it doesn't matter if it's not crystal clear.
  15. karlos_1984

    Muslin or commando ?

    I've done both commando and in a bag. Regardless of cold crash times when going commando, I could never get all hop matter to settle to the bottom. Still got floaties and stuff stuck in the bottling wand. To get around this in bottling day, I would boil up and sanitise my grain bag and line it in a second FV. Then use a sanitised food grade hose to transfer from the FV to the second one with the grain bag. This would catch all hop matter and I'd just pull the bag out and then bottle the beer from the second FV with no issues. Could also bulk prime at the same time. I've only recently gone back to bagging hops with a santised chux cloth, with a couple of dunk n squeezes done prior to bottling and this works really well and is easy to clean up. I'll probably keep doing this as bottling takes less time this way.