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  1. PaddyBrew2

    Todays tastings

    Feral Imperial East Coast IPA basically an imperial NEIPA. 8% NEIPA’s style means you don’t taste the alcohol. But coming in at 8% you definitely do taste it. A regular IIPA has that hit of bitterness to offset the alcohol but because of the style guidelines this just comes across confused. You get that Big malty hit , followed by the alcohol , then a big hit of fruit from the hops but no bitterness to balance all of the above. Overall not bad ,$26 for four cans. But definitely a case of the hype not living up to its expectations
  2. PaddyBrew2

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    That looks like a mammoth brew. On ya codge
  3. How hard can AG be right? It’s just soaking malt and boiling hops right. !! $570 and they still forgot some parts. The silicone bit for the top screen is missing but a lot of people don’t even use it. But I’ll still email and complain of course
  4. PaddyBrew2

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    Yeah been reading about that but supposedly the 3.1 is pretty accurate. Especially when the recirc is on to keep it even. There’s a good YouTuber David Heath who did a test on the accuracy of temp and water volumes and the new rig is pretty accurate
  5. PaddyBrew2

    Finally found a use for the washing machine

    I always give mine a quick thirty minute wash on their own after brewing with some napisan. Works a treat aside from the lecture of wasting energy and carbon footprints from herself
  6. PaddyBrew2

    Advice needed, Anarchy IPA

    From memory light crystal came with the pack
  7. PaddyBrew2

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    Spot on mate. Just checked there and fitted it if only my father handnt abandoned us at six. I’d know this kind of stuff
  8. PaddyBrew2

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    For any handy men out there. Is this normal for a ball valve tap. The the head just comes off if you pull it. It’s not screwed in
  9. PaddyBrew2

    Cooper Fermenter

    The bottles taking a bit longer to firm up is normal given the drop in temps. Might take a couple of weeks longer. Assuming all have been primed and lids fully sealed etc cant help you with the vinegar taste. That sucks
  10. PaddyBrew2

    fermenting times

    Haha What a reference to eats shoots and leaves
  11. PaddyBrew2


    Coopers ESVA. Used the base ingredients but my hops were a mix of centennial and EKG. A really nice drop. Two weeks or so in the bottle.
  12. PaddyBrew2

    How long is too long?

    Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 ? How long must we sing this song?How long, how long?
  13. PaddyBrew2

    Recipies of the month

    What’s next up PB2. A nice winter ale? The dark monk was and is a cracker
  14. PaddyBrew2

    fermenting times

    Yoda, is that you ?!
  15. PaddyBrew2

    How long is too long?

    Only joking. Coopers say that perhaps a year and a half would be the max you store homebrew in PET. But she’ll be right. Kudos for storing beer that long
  16. PaddyBrew2

    How long is too long?

    Do you like said friends ?
  17. PaddyBrew2

    Heat Pad Or Heat Belt??

    LabRat would love you mate
  18. PaddyBrew2

    How long is too long?

    Glass or plastic? Dark or clear ? the vessels that contain them
  19. PaddyBrew2

    fermenting times

    Just look above
  20. PaddyBrew2

    fermenting times

    21 minutes ago, LabRat wrote Wow! Kelsey, you are a cerebral fountain of knowledge when it comes to the science of enzyme breakdown. I doff my hat to thee !
  21. PaddyBrew2

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    You could passively agressively add 10 gms at 20 mins with another passive aggressive addition at 10 mins.
  22. PaddyBrew2

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    I did the battleship bitter with centennial and EKG hops. It packs an orange citrus punch to mellow out the sweetness from the kit and grains. One of my favourite brews to date
  23. PaddyBrew2

    Refractometer- yay or nay

    So I’m about to put my order through to Kegland. I’m treating myself to the following Robobrew 3.1 matching jacket hop spider steel mash paddle 20 litre hop cube Refractometers are $26. My LHBS sells them for $40 Do you guys use one to measure pre and post boil or are they just a fancy extra and your hydrometer is just as useful ?
  24. See , that’s why happens when the big bucks start coming in. You get complacent