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  1. Cheers mate. I think my flaked wheat may be the same as store bought. It looks like quick oats kind of. But my lhbs charges through the nose for it. Where do you source yours. Is it a particular brand
  2. What's the recipe mate. Mine is pretty similar to hoegarden. Pale malt, flaked oats and flaked wheat. Saaz to bitter with coriander seeds and bitter orange peel. Had to use the MJ dry Witbeir yeast but it ain't bad. Couldn't get my hands on the liquid stuff
  3. Belgian Witbeir. My lowest strength brew to date at 4.3%. My last attempt I brewed it at 6.5% which did not suit the style. Dropped my grain bill a bit. Perfect for the summer. With coriander and orange peel for that added citrus burst
  4. Hey mate. Yeah they added a nice touch early on. But faded pretty quick
  5. Not a fan either? All the hype, I thought my beer would remind me of a bounty bar. Instead it tastes like all the rock melons that poisoned folk and were recalled last year
  6. Citra mosaic and sabro hazy IPA. They say Sabro gives coconut. In my limited experience and palate sabro has done nothing but strip the flavour from the Citra and mosaic. It's still a very smashable beer but last time I use sabro. I may as well have dry hopped it with a rock melon and be done. I detest rock melon
  7. He would take some out each time as per Norris and never had problems. He did mostly lagers with no dry hopping etc so the trub was just yeast
  8. There's a brewer on YouTube who went two years without cleaning his fermenter. Only reason he cleaned it is cos the misso gave him strife haha
  9. You'll have no problems mate. It's a common practice amongst brewers and a real time saver to boot
  10. I've used two cans of the stout. Needs a bit of ageing and it's not too dissimilar to the stout/dark ale combo
  11. Have you guys watched Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Well worth a watch
  12. I'm not a fan of wb06 The Mangrove jacks dry yeast is ok.
  13. My Hefeweizen. Doesn't have the esters I was looking for despite fermenting at 21. Gimme gimme gimme dat banana
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