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  1. PaddyBrew2

    Recipe suggestion

    Do an English bitter. Kilo of dme. Couldn’t be easier
  2. PaddyBrew2

    This DIY thing of ours

    sounds good kelsey , have you ventured onto the chorizo or salami yet. im really keen to get into that
  3. PaddyBrew2

    This DIY thing of ours

    So i started off brewing kombucha. Then since January I started this homebrew malarkey last week I got thinking what else can you make at home for a fraction of the cost and is much sought after yip, I bought a food dehydrator and just put on my first batch of jerky theres a biltong shop near my work in the city that sells 100 gms of it for 8 dollars. I just made 800 grams of ten bucks Any other jerky enthusiasts amongst us ?
  4. PaddyBrew2

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    Mate just get a fridge on gumtree. Believe me your end result with be so much better
  5. PaddyBrew2


    Ahhhh so it doesn’t test FG ? back I go to starsanning my pocket calculator in that case
  6. PaddyBrew2


    Any use? my coopers hydrometer is pretty poor. its consistent at reading 20 degree water at 0.07 i'll give it that, but i dont want to be doing maths every time i check the gravity. plus checking gravity over 2 days can lead to a nice little dent in your supply now with refractometers, ive been reading that you only need a little drop and it gives you an instant reading. no maths, no wastage. ( i understand that OG still may be a little off due to a number of variable like clumping etc)
  7. PaddyBrew2

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    just did a gravity test. sitting at 1.017 so just under the 1.016 that is recommended. had a sip of it and my word its good. its a dark version of Leffe blonde which is one of my favourite beers. well done Coopers, nailed it
  8. PaddyBrew2

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    i have the dark monk fermenting at the moment. the krausen didnt really explode like i was thinking. im now 10 days in and its been fermeting at 19 degrees controlled. i pitched at around 21 from what i can remember. took the lid off a few minutes and it smells unbelievable. cannot wait to bottle it
  9. theres a few methods . personally , i have been just putting them in commando (no sock or bag) I then control my temperature and put it to 2 degrees so all the gunk and hop floaties drops to the bottom and wont come out when bottling but a few on here put them in hop socks. Just chuck them in after 4-5 days and remove them before bottling. theres a few on here that squeeze the bejaysus out of the bag to get all that hop goodness into the wort. others think that this may affect the wort in a bad way due to unwanted matter being released into the wort but it doesnt seem to matter according to those who do
  10. basically getting some speciality grains from your homebrew shop. putting them into a hop sock or grain bag and steeping them for 30 minutes in about 70 degree water. then you throw this into your FV. with the hops, you can just chuck them into your fermenting vessel and they add aroma. pretty simple and can make quite a difference
  11. i did an english bitter with a kilo of dry malt and 400 grams of dextrose. it was superb. i want to do another but this time with some steeping grains and hops
  12. haha no worries mate. im only at this lark a bit over 4 months myself but dont be scared to get into some grains and hops. there isnt much to it when youre just doing kits and bits and it can make a massive difference to the end product.
  13. what speciality grains would go with this steeped? hop additions or dry hop with fuggles or ekg ?
  14. PaddyBrew2

    3rd Brew, 1st IPA

    33 is a little high. Were you able to control the temp and bring it down to around 20-21 ? Although from your gravity readings it would appear this wasn’t the case
  15. PaddyBrew2

    Coopers DIY Sparkling Ale Recipe

    its the new layout that attracts them