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  1. Isn’t that what it is though in effect , a starter?
  2. Harvesting the yeast from the 6 pale ale stubbies. What kind of gravity can this method handle. I’m thinking of doing the toucan stout soon. Would the yeast from 6 stubbies handle this OG?
  3. Spot on. My mates drink coors light or Heineken. Everyone laps it up. Fosters is pretty popular there too.
  4. yeah probably a bit of user error on my behalf. it mustn't have been in place securely and gave way.
  5. So finally got around to brewing my Hefeweizen today. All going well. Got to the sparge. The robobrew has a malt pipe with four 'feet' that fit into the top of the kettle, allowing you to sparge. I was 3/4's way through the sparge when one of the feet gave way and SPLASH , malt pipe sinks into the kettle, 4 liters of wart on my window, walls, presses. I was unlucky enough for it to also splash on my bare feet so i had to run into the shower and stand under the cold water for ten minutes. The wort was 95 degrees as i was heating towards the boil. Thankfully im ok, its a bit stingy but i dont think its anything serious. The skin isnt even red and ive been putting ice on it. More importantly i still got 18 litres into my cube. Clean up was great fun as expected
  6. In regards to golf, I hate it with a passion When you’re playing well you’re on top of the world. When you can’t hit it out of your way you feel like cracking every club in the bag. I love watching it. The majors and the opens and the Ryder cups are always great for the drama
  7. I love cricket which is strange for an Irishman. I’ve never played it but would love to give it a bash. But at 39 I fear it’s too late. The local club closest to me is Scarborough cricket club where Justin Langer played for and Sydney Sixers opener Josh Phillipe still plays for
  8. You’ll have that down to four hours after a couple of brews. It becomes second nature. It’s a great bit of kit
  9. Sorry to hear that mate. I lost two gas bottles in two weeks when I started kegging only recently. I think it’s a rite of passage. To prevent my third I filled a basin with soapy water and chucked all the tubes and connectors in there. Mine happened due to dodgy threads on these new duotight fittings. I switched to the clamps and barb and touch wood my third gas bottle has been connected two weeks to three kegs and she’s working away. If nothing bubbles on your connector it’s more than likely the fittings on the kegs. I bought myself a spanner thing from Bunnings to tighten
  10. Good on ya codge. Pro tip for those with the brewzilla. The finer mesh screen on the malt pipe. Chuck that in the bin. It’s as much use as tits on a nun. Your sparge Will speed right up. And rice hulls are your friend. A few handfuls in every brew and the sparge only takes 15 mins
  11. My all citra IPA / zombie dust clone. I would wholeheartedly urge anyone looking for an ipa recipe to try this. She’s a cracker. A few different malts in there but the citra is explosive. My best beer to date
  12. I’d check your kegerator for leaks mate. You do 68 brews a year and you’ve gone grain to glass on this one in a week
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