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  1. http://www.cellardweller.net/index.php/en/forum/allgrain-partial-mash/752-beersmith-3-robobrew-profiles-2018?start=0 think this link works.
  2. Dunno but they sink like a stone And stay sunk
  3. Gash Slugg has one. He has uploaded the profile on cellar dwellers.
  4. Any bar man worth his salt will tell you the perfect pour is done at a 45 degree angle.
  5. I spent $20 in Bunnings for stainless steel nuts and bolts only for the sock to still float after a few hours. With my recent NEIPA I bought two packs of marbles from Target for $6. I put them in a seperate sock inside the hop sock and it worked a treat (everything sanitised first of course)
  6. The markings on this reg are fckd . In increments of ten there should be four markings denoting 2,4,6,8 and then your ten figure which is marked 10,20,30 etc but in this gauge there are only 3 marks between 0 and 10 and then it increases to the standard four the mother is staying with me until Xmas so I just borrowed her bifocals to set it to 12
  7. My eye sight is pretty good but fck me, you would need the Hubble telescope to find the 12 psi mark on the regulator
  8. quick question guys, i plan to turn the pressure down to 12 PSI (currenty at 40 psi) tomorrow morning before i leave for work. do i need to burp the keg before i dial it down?
  9. Sounds like a good beer. How did you find the lactose in your neipa. Was it sweet ?
  10. Spot on mate. The world would be a very boring place if we were all in agreement on everything.
  11. Great stuff lusty. I’ve learnt two things from that thread 1. how to force carb beer almost instantly 2. you and Kelsey have been passively aggressively sniping for nigh on 3 years
  12. ive just kegged her. only got 17 litres in there from the fermentor. May need to rejig my beersmith settings to ensure i get 19. hooked her up to 40 psi for 24 hours ,then i'll set her at 12. i filled the keg with c0s first, then just took the lid off and filled her via sawn off bottle wand and silicone tubing from the bottom up. purged her a few times and shut the kegerator door.
  13. cheers one and all. Very helpful indeed
  14. i dont want to blow the place up, i rent whats everyone set their kegerator temps at ? i was thinking 4 degrees
  15. i wont be drinking it until Friday but at 12 PSI ,wouldnt you need about 10 days?
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