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  1. He would take some out each time as per Norris and never had problems. He did mostly lagers with no dry hopping etc so the trub was just yeast
  2. There's a brewer on YouTube who went two years without cleaning his fermenter. Only reason he cleaned it is cos the misso gave him strife haha
  3. You'll have no problems mate. It's a common practice amongst brewers and a real time saver to boot
  4. I've used two cans of the stout. Needs a bit of ageing and it's not too dissimilar to the stout/dark ale combo
  5. Have you guys watched Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Well worth a watch
  6. I'm not a fan of wb06 The Mangrove jacks dry yeast is ok.
  7. My Hefeweizen. Doesn't have the esters I was looking for despite fermenting at 21. Gimme gimme gimme dat banana
  8. I bought a robobrew which more or less is a cheaper grain father and I haven't looked back. It paid for itself within a few brews
  9. All late hops mate but with the temp in the cube , isomerisation is still happening. Supposedly 80 degrees is the magic mark where bitterness extraction stops. But the cube won't fall below that for a couple of hours and all the hop oils are in the wort. Well that's my take on it anyway. So doing a bit of a chill might stop that
  10. I've been thinking of chilling mine recently. My latest IPA which has el Dorado and galaxy is pretty bitter. 100gms hop stand for 20 mins at flame out and into the cube. But it's obvious from tastes that isomerisation was still occuring. It's still a great beer but I am looking to refine. I'm past the stage of being a giddy new brewer and being thankful I brew something that's tastes good. I am mindful of water wastage so am thinking of using the immersion chiller in an ice bath method
  11. what kind of problems you encountering Lusty. I was the exact same in me first few attempts but beer always turned out fine and the process eventually becomes second nature
  12. Really good tip cos I was stumped on how to clean them other than snipping the ends off , removing the fittings and washing. Which means losing cm's of line each time
  13. Looks like old mate in Dan's was hungover and packed the fridges too early. Cheers mate. Am looking forward to cracking one later
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