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  1. PaddyBrew2

    My first AG brew

    absolutely mate, i'll be taking it step by step and making notes on everything. Yeah ive done some mini mashes using crushed grain and i emailed the guys there and they had it ready for collection the following morning. excellent service in that place
  2. PaddyBrew2

    My first AG brew

    cheers mate. will make the trip to brewmart Saturday and pick up the good
  3. PaddyBrew2

    My first AG brew

    yeah i like bitterness. i love pirate lift IPA which is high 60;s from memory. good suggestion on the yeast. Do people on here use yeast nutrient also?
  4. PaddyBrew2

    My first AG brew

    Gonna throw down my first AG brew this weekend. Ive always wanted to do a Mosaic/Citra IPA. Been looking at Beersmith and some recipes online and youtube. Im thinking of the following but would welcome any feedback or suggestions
  5. Sorry about the redundancy mate. That’s $hit i made the coopers stout, with coopers dark malt liquid extract , dextrose and lactose. Week in the fermenter, two weeks carbing and was good to go real tasty drop
  6. PaddyBrew2

    Todays tastings

    Feral Imperial East Coast IPA basically an imperial NEIPA. 8% NEIPA’s style means you don’t taste the alcohol. But coming in at 8% you definitely do taste it. A regular IIPA has that hit of bitterness to offset the alcohol but because of the style guidelines this just comes across confused. You get that Big malty hit , followed by the alcohol , then a big hit of fruit from the hops but no bitterness to balance all of the above. Overall not bad ,$26 for four cans. But definitely a case of the hype not living up to its expectations
  7. PaddyBrew2

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    That looks like a mammoth brew. On ya codge
  8. PaddyBrew2

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    Yeah been reading about that but supposedly the 3.1 is pretty accurate. Especially when the recirc is on to keep it even. There’s a good YouTuber David Heath who did a test on the accuracy of temp and water volumes and the new rig is pretty accurate
  9. PaddyBrew2

    Finally found a use for the washing machine

    I always give mine a quick thirty minute wash on their own after brewing with some napisan. Works a treat aside from the lecture of wasting energy and carbon footprints from herself
  10. PaddyBrew2

    Advice needed, Anarchy IPA

    From memory light crystal came with the pack
  11. PaddyBrew2

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    Spot on mate. Just checked there and fitted it if only my father handnt abandoned us at six. I’d know this kind of stuff
  12. PaddyBrew2

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    For any handy men out there. Is this normal for a ball valve tap. The the head just comes off if you pull it. It’s not screwed in
  13. How hard can AG be right? It’s just soaking malt and boiling hops right. !! $570 and they still forgot some parts. The silicone bit for the top screen is missing but a lot of people don’t even use it. But I’ll still email and complain of course
  14. PaddyBrew2

    Cooper Fermenter

    The bottles taking a bit longer to firm up is normal given the drop in temps. Might take a couple of weeks longer. Assuming all have been primed and lids fully sealed etc cant help you with the vinegar taste. That sucks