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  1. I reckon oldmate who owns the Nambucca tavern has been secretly visiting all your houses at night and shaking the bejaysus out of your homebrew stash. He needs you back in the pub. Foxtel is costing him a fortune
  2. Good thinking to put the unit on a bench. My first brew I didn’t and had to lift it with 25 litres of boiling wort. My first IPA I chucked everything in at flameout and let it sit for 20 mins. Turned out fine
  3. Haha yip. Pretty much how my night went. Although not as late a night as you given we have the time difference in our favour. Was so good seeing the poms crash like that. They were so confident after Thursday
  4. Mate couldn’t be happier i love the learning aspect of it. I’m lucky to live in a time where you can start off using kits that are of a good quality compared to the older days but the more you learn the more you want to drive it . Ive done an IPA , a stout, a Witbeir and next I’m gonna do a Black IPA The limits are boundless
  5. Are you guys the notorious Nambucca KKK ? ( kit n kilo klub)
  6. Just waiting for her to go to bed and it will be golden
  7. My first AG Citra Mosaic IPA. It’s about five weeks in the bottle and it gets better and better each week. The aroma and bitterness is still very much prevalent.
  8. Great stuff Norris. Exciting times ahead
  9. Haha nah you’re spot on. It was the hop that was pretty harsh as well as the first year that it wasn’t the toucan of APA and Real Ale
  10. I cracked an 18 Vintage last night. Still very disappointing. One of the worst years in my opinion. The commercial version was nice. The ROTM was miles apart from it
  11. Forgive me father cos I have sinned Committed the cardinal sin of the bishops collar. I sieved the pour through a small mesh as there was coconut floaties in the bottle. Settle down ya hoor ya
  12. That’s a long time at the bottom of the pool
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