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  1. Fantastic idea with the dry hopping. Genius. Cheers mate. To pop the lid though would the screwdriver feck up the threads over time if you're jimmying it ?
  2. What did you add to make it so high. More malt or more sugar, dextrose?
  3. No idea mate. Think lhbs should do it
  4. I calibrated mine yesterday. Got distilled or deionised water from Bunnings and mixed the solution in. Put the Meter in the solution. Give her a stir and leave her settle for about a minute then hold the Cal button for three seconds and she will go through the cycle and will read the correct pH of the solution you used. Think the solution can only be stored for a few months
  5. I loved the first ferment mate. Getting the lid off to dry hop was a bit of an inconvenience as you can't just pull it off. Have to hit with a few pounds of pressure from the CO2 tank to make it pop. But other than that it's all positives. I'm making a hefeweizen next so I won't pressure ferment that but all my Hoppy beers I will.
  6. Haha. I've actually never found that with their beers to be fair.
  7. Having a Mosaic IPA. Copied the recipe from the top of pirate life mosaic IPA can. Pale malt and carapils. There is no difference that I can find between this and the commercial which is one of my favourite beers This was my first beer I did a yeast starter, water treatment , pressurised fermentation and also an enclosed transfer to the keg. For someone who was gifted a Cooper's diy kit two and a bit years ago , I'm loving how far this journey has taken me and thanks largely to the epic folk on here who are filled with knowledge and always take the time to answer and help Cheers all
  8. How are you measuring pH. My pH metre from keg land needs calibrating.
  9. I'm investing in a tilt hydrometer. But my last brew I used a picnic tap on a beer line to fill the hydrometer jar. Have to degas as it's carbonated
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