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  1. PaddyBrew2

    Brewing evolution

    Yeah sorry meant dry vs liquid
  2. PaddyBrew2

    Brewing evolution

    Some good advice here. Cheers. Is it better to use LME or DME for partial mashes?
  3. PaddyBrew2

    Brewing evolution

    Yeah I’ve been getting that renowned homebrew twang as of late. It’s not a bad taste or an off taste. It’s just the taste of a kit. Im hoping with LME I can put an end to it. Any select brands you use ?
  4. PaddyBrew2

    Brewing evolution

    I think I want to move on from kits and bits. I’m not ready to take the step to AG yet as I simply don’t have the space in my rental. The misso bought me The Home Brew Recipe Bible by Chris Colby which has 101 recipes. Each having an AG and an extract option. Extract being DME or LME in terms of getting a better end product , AG being the zenith of course, is partial extract a step up from the pre hopped extracts?
  5. PaddyBrew2

    How long can IPA be left in plastic bottles

    I have mine in there a few months as I have built up a collection of homebrew so I just drink what takes my fancy. Whilst hop flavours do fade, mine are still good after a few months
  6. PaddyBrew2

    Floaties in my hydrometer tube

    Ditch it mate, she’s fkd. No saving her
  7. PaddyBrew2

    Woo! Brew fridge acquired!

    I can fit two fermenters in my fridge. The coopers without the Kraus collar and the standard airlock vessel without the airlock
  8. PaddyBrew2

    Buying another FV

    I bought a second one recently. Got the atypical one which has the grommet, airlock etc. i shat myself three days into my first brew with it. The airlock wasn’t bubbling as it should according to all my favourite YouTube videos. I was ready to tip 21 litres down the sink. But then a thought struck me. Coopers doesn’t have an airlock but I’ve had perfect homebrew results with it. I asked a few on here, in the know of course. Otto told me to tape over the grommet hole so nasties can’t get it, keep the lid loose and just allow it do it’s thing. I brewed the dark monk rotm in it and it has been my best brew to date
  9. PaddyBrew2

    Sampled first brew....

    That looks a cracker. Enjoy mate. Looking at the amount of baby feeders in the background, you deserve it
  10. PaddyBrew2

    First attempt - Coopers kit

    chuck that collar in the bin. i did. unless you're brewing something like a russian imperial stout, the collar has no use
  11. PaddyBrew2

    First attempt - Coopers kit

    I’m new enough to brewing also. I’ve never taken OH. There are too many variables that can cause spikes or inaccurate readings. I use IanH spreadsheet. That will tell you what your abv will be
  12. PaddyBrew2

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Watching the Wallabies and treated myself to a sixer of ESVA 18 (despite 42 litres of it currently fermenting in two FVs) great marketing coopers, great marketing
  13. PaddyBrew2

    Winter setup.

    Newcastle would be colder than a witches tit in the winter. Howay the lads
  14. PaddyBrew2

    Increase in density

    Aren’t those readings decreasing ? sep 1 - 1030 sep 13 - 1015
  15. PaddyBrew2

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    for the toucan i recipe from the multi page thread that is in the recipe forum. this is the recipe from the site that i think would be a winner https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/best-extra-stout.html