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Chris tries brew #4 - LC Pale Ale (based on Coopers Aust Pale Ale)


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Hi Guys!


So after two weeks and six packets of LDM, I finally found a pot big enough that I could boil my malt without too much boiling over (though I was still surprised it almost boiled over)


To refresh your memories, the recipe I'm using is the one mentioned in the LC Pale Ale thread in the Recipe Resource forums, here: http://www.coopers.com.au/the-brewers-guild/talk-brewing?g=posts&m=9555#post9555


I'm not quite 100% I understand the timings as well as I should. I added the dextrose/wheat malt extract/hops all at flameout but I wasn't sure if some of these were supposed to be after the 20 minute 'rest'.


Anyway, here's a shot of the malt warming up:




Then I added the hops (actually I think this shot is after I added the second round of hops and pretty much everthing else:




Then I strained it




Then I took the fermenter out to my 'brew shed', stuck it in my brew fridge and filled it up with water.




Then I took the OG:




Now, this OG is staggeringly higher than anything I've brewed before. Should I be worried? I'm going to take another measurement today or tomorrow but this is nearly double what I'm used to!


Pitched around 23 degrees, let it cool down to 20 overnight before I shut the door on the fridge.


Can anyone explain to me why the OG has read so high or what impact this might have?


I'm quite excited about this one. It smells AWESOME. Plan is to keg it around the 8th of May, then let it condition in the keg for three weeks until the 29th, then I'm gunna drink it :)

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Looks good mate!

I cant help you with your OG but one of the other lads will!

How bigs your pot!? If its smaller then 19L, Just letting you know BIG W from what i know sell 19L pots Australia wide for about $19,95 and a few times a year i have even heard there on sale for $10!!!

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Yeah I got one of those Big W pots Josh they're great. I thought I did well getting mine for $11 but it looks like I was ripped off.


Big W is pretty good for things like that. They stock Coopers home brew stuff for less than the supermarkets too which is nice. Trouble is they don't seem to restock much and often what they do have looks like it has been kicked around by a herd of wild bulls.

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Did you discard the first runnings out of the tap then draw a sample to test?


Nup. This was as soon as I'd filled the fermenter so I didn't think anything had enough time to settle in the tap and give me an inaccurate reading. I'll measure again tonight after throwing the first tube worth and give it another shot.


While on the topic - do you guys remove the airlock (if you still use it) while taking hydrometer readins or let the fermenter suck air (and maybe water) in?


Or is this just another reason to get rid of the airlock all together and graduate to cling wrap?

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What kind of stove top do you have Chris to have such a boil over problem? I'm guessing electric? I've never even come close to a boil over using a gas burner even with pots that barely fit the liquid in. Electric hobs take a long time when you want to bring them down to a lower temp.


If you do have an electric hob I'd suggest buying a camp oven burner from an asian grocery store or similar which have a single gas burner and are run from little cans of gas. They are cheap and reliable and only cost about $20.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Nah using gas. 3 litres of water + 1 kilo of LDM in a 10 litre pot.


It's fine up until the second it boils then it expands in size around four fold. The second you add the hops it behaves itself again right down to the 3-4 litres you started with. It leaves a terribly sticky malty residue allover the stove when it boils over, too :)


*shrug*. Was my first time boiling. I have a much bigger pot and know what to look out for now.


I'm more worried about what such a high OG means. Do I need to increase my fermenting time from 2 to 3 weeks or something? Do i need to add more yeast to get more fermenting happening to help break up the solids? Do I do nothing and treat it as normal?


Forgive the silly questions. Perhaps brew#4 was a little too early to get into boiling and using hops.

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LOL, i said chris will be ALL GRAINING in 12 months....... lets make that 6 months!!

chris going back to PB2's last post, just keep in mind mate, MALT N HOPS get inside the tap when your mixing/ stirring the wort. so yeah, that mighta brought ya gravity up!!

i run a lil off into a glass or the empty bucket first, then fill the hydrometer tube!

as for your last post, just use that hydrometer mate!

if ya not sure, go for same reading over 3 days instead of 2.

if your temps arent excessive, leave it for five days just to be sure!



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It's never too early to learn mate. I really don't think your OG could be 1070 more in the region of 1050 is more likely. Something is giving you false readings.


As for leaving it longer higher gravity beers it really comes down to steady hydrometer readings just like any beer.

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hey guys!


Guess what?












fourth tube-full since I filled the fermenter up (this is without discarding anything tonight) and look what I got!




So i'm back to being ridiculously excited about this one. I'm also down to my last couple of PETs of Brew #1, so I think it's time to increase production. Buying a second fermenter and a keg on the weekend.


Full steam ahead!


I guess the only thing I've lost is the ability to figure out my ABV as I don't have an accurate pre-pitch OG, right?


Heh. Listen to me. "Pre pitch OG". Yesterday I was telling someone about 'thermal inertia"!


You mob have changed me in just a couple of months :)




YAY! So relieved and happy and excited. The colour and smell of this one just blow me away - it's killing me I don't get to taste it for four months!

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Talk about jumping in with both feet....


Chris, you are a machine.

Yeah, what PB2 said, why 4 months to taste this one???

Anyway, looks like the gravity was down to 1.028 after 24 hrs. It's already been goin for a day so who knows what the OG was!



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Hi Ann - He's got a link to the recipe all the way at the top of the thread (it is a long way up with all the big photos)but here it is anyway:


I'm using 1x 1.7L can of Coopers Pale ale

1kg Light Dry Malt (2x 500g boxes)

25g Cascade hops

25g Willamete hops (Bloke in homebrew shop says you can't make a LC PA clone with only one type of hops)

150g Wheat Malt extract

250grams Dextrose

US-05 Yeast




1. Slowly whisk LDM into 2-3 litres of hot water. Boil vigorously*

2. Add half of both packs of hops.

3. Continue to boil for exactly 5 minutes.

4. Turn pot off

5. Add rest of both hop packs. Add Dextrose, Wheat Malt. Mix and let sit for 20 minutes.

6. Pour into fermenter and mix in with can (he also suggested you always leave a cm or so of cold water at the bottom of the fermenter to 'protect the seam' from very hot liquids.

7. Fill to 23 Litres around 24 degrees and pitch the yeast.

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Chris, i have a LCPA ready on friday. I dropped it the week before you, but my recepie was no where near as good!

As soon as my Amber Ale is done, i am doing another LCPA, to your recipe. Keep us posted on how it does!

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Thanks, Andrew!


I'm pretty sure we're at FG now. Read 1012 the last two days and I think PB2 said that's where I'd end up. I'll look at bottling it on Saturday (I was originally gunna keg this one but now I'm thinking I'll put down the Lager that came with my fermenter and keg that, and bottle the good stuff) :)

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25g Willamete hops (Bloke in homebrew shop says you can't make a LC PA clone with only one type of hops)


The more they say you need the more they can sell [devil] .


Having said that I am curious as to what the Willamete Hops bring to the party? I've only made beers similar to LCPA with only cascade hops and ended up with beer which stands up in a side by side test with the real thing. Keep us informed with how it shapes up Chris. I'm about due for another brew in the vein of LCPA but am also considering doing PB2s Fruit Salad Pale Ale again which is a true cracker and always a crowd pleaser with it's Cascade and Amarillo combo.




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