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  1. Luke


    You can keep it in a bucket with the lid on for re-using - once it loses it's yellow colour make up a new batch. As for tasting it in my brews, never in over 100 batches of using iodophor have I ever been able to detect it! I reckon Trusty has a sensitivity to it. Change to Star-San.
  2. Matt, This is a cracker of a recipe, you're gonna love it!!![love]
  3. Ok Craig, you need to post some pics now!!! That sounds pretty hard-core![devil]
  4. That would be a pretty hard beer to copy. Even with such a bad reputation, it's a pretty well made lager.... Advanced all-grain territory here knackers, temp controlled fermentation, lager yeast, cereal mash, maybe?!
  5. Who you been talking to???[wink] Saves me a fortune in yeast!
  6. Hey Trusty, Just leave a centimetre of beer on the trub, sanitise 2 jars. Swirl the fermenter & fill the first jar. Cover with foil & leave for 10 mins, pour off the cloudy liquid to the 2nd jar (cover with foil) & leave the sediment in the bottom of the 1st jar. The cloudy liquid is your next pitch of yeast! Dead easy!
  7. That's taking marinating to the extreme.........[bandit]
  8. Hi John, If it is an infection it will climb out of the bottles when you open it and will be over-gassed.
  9. Nope! I drilled a hole in the rafter on the patio & threaded some rope which I use to pull up the bag. I've got some nails in a post nearby which I hook the other end of the rope to! I shall post some pics of the high tech system next brew. [biggrin] I've figured that the grain retains 2/3 of its original weight in water after it's drained - eg. 6kg of grain weighs 10kgs after i've squeezed it.
  10. Hi All, I've been dabbling in the black art of BIAB. It's fair to say that I'll never be going back to a mash tun false bottom set up. [roll] Way too easy, mash in the kettle (temp loss over an hour about .5 to 1 deg C), lift up the bag, give it a squeeze while the boil is getting fired up.......etc.... Also, run off to the cube (no chill), pitch yeast the next day. 3-4 hrs for an all-grain brew day is fantastic. Will be doing 2 mashes on brew day soon.[devil] Started off with the pillow case shape, have since re-designed the bag to a cone shape so the draining is focused to a point. So easy, give it a go!
  11. Ouch!....... Obviously take those words with a grain of salt!
  12. You should be alright Leonard. The only reason for not boiling the kits is that your driving off the hop aromas already there.
  13. Sounds nice to me Warren! What was the other hop? Or was it all Amarillo?
  14. Hey Leonard, I use a 10lt pot and mix my kits with a few litres of hot water in the pot. I only really gently boil it (against PB2's advice!) and cool it down in the sink when I'm done. I don't use hop bags, I throw the pellets straight in!
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