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  1. I brewed a Cerveza recently on top of an S-23 yeastcake I had made a lager from. Brewed around 10-12 deg C for 3 weeks and dry hopped with 25 gm Cascade, carbonated for another 3 weeks. Had a taste last night - B disgusting!! Still has that sulphury/eggy taste from the lager yeast. I'm going to stash it away somewhere and wait till summertime with my fingers crossed. That's my last effort with S-23 I'm afraid - the whole lager process takes too damn long for my liking! The lager I made before it is also undrinkable at this stage. [pinched]
  2. Hi Matthew! Here's a list of Coopers IBUs when made up to 23L (purlioned from another HB forum...): Using the formula: IBU of tin*1.7/23 Beer = IBU on can = IBU (based on 23L) Lager = 390 = 28.8 Draught = 420 = 31.0 Dark Ale = 590 = 43.6 Real Ale = 560 = 41.4 Stout = 710 = 52.5 Pale Ale = 340 = 25.1 Mex Cerveza = 270 = 20.0 Can Blonde = 420 = 31.0 English Bitter = 590 = 43.6 Euro Lager = 340 = 25.1 Heritage Lager = 390 = 28.8 IPA = 710 = 52.5 Irish Stout = 560 = 41.4 Aust Bitter = 495 = 36.6 Pilsner = 420 = 31.0 Sparkling Ale = 490 = 36.2 Trad Draught = 420 = 31.0 Wheat Beer = 300 = 22.2 These IBUs have been generally accepted on that forum and are used to punch into the various recipe software programs running around. Hope this helps! I think you have a great idea there about doing toucans instead of buying the more expensive fermentables - I noticed Woolies this week has specials on all the Original lines at $9.50, so I've bought up big!! [happy] I've so far done a SMOTY Ale toucan (very bitter but yummy) and I've got a two PA one I'm about to bottle - tastes fantastic out of the fermenter! [joyful]
  3. Made the SMOTY up as per the Coopers recipe, except I sub'd some S04 for the kit yeast and hopped with plain Goldings 'cause I couldn't get EKG. And after only 2 weeks in the bottle it's SENSATIONAL! Just love it! [love] It's a lovely deep ruby-red colour, roasty, malty, chocolatey, coffee-ey, with just the right amount of bitter aftertaste to make it interesting. Must say I was a bit worried when I ran it thru BrewMate, which suggested it would be around 65 IBU - maybe it is, but it is so well-balanced you wouldn't notice it! Congratulations to Paul (who I believe is the designer)! [love] This is definitely going to be a regular.
  4. Hey Paul! Thinking of putting on a PA toucan. With its Ale/lager blend yeast would it be OK to brew around 13-14 deg C at the moment? I ask that because the "How to Brew" section advises brewing APA around 18 deg C. I want it to brew while I'm away for 2 weeks and won't be able to keep it heated.
  5. I haven't tried the Aussie Bitter yet - I'll give it a go. But won't a whole kg of malt and no hop additions make it too sweet? Paul - what hops are used in the concentrate for bittering - POR?
  6. Squishy - I bought a couple of big collapsible esky things from Bunnings - $16 each from memory. They are yellow with silver lining and no lid and fit a fermenter nicely with a couple of frozen Coke bottles around them. Stays a nice constant 16-18 deg in the middle of summer with 3 Coke bottles - you can vary the number to reach any temp. you want! [biggrin]
  7. I feel for you Squishy! [pinched] Hubbie is not at all impressed with all my fancy experiments and just wants me to clone his beloved VB! So, guys, please no laughing or smarty-pants comments, but I was thinking of maybe Draught with BE1 and a big (25gm?)late addition of POR, seeing as how that's apparently what's used in all the megaswills here. Paul - do you think that might get kinda close to what I call "manure beer" (not that I've tasted manure, but VB sorta tastes like that smells... if that makes any sense!) [lol] Doesn't Tooheys New have that same taste?
  8. I find if I make any of the lighter coloured kits up they all taste the same with just varying amounts of strength (ie. Draught, Real Ale, Lager, Sparkling Ale, Pale Ale). I agree that the SA is too sweet, but seems to improve with age. I think you definitely have to add hops to make any discernible flavour difference. (I also thought it was just something I was doing wrong.... glad to hear someone else say it! It's a bit like The Emperor's New Clothes, eh? [crying] )
  9. I did make a very nice Dark Ale once, but I added 250gm steeped Crystal and used S04 yeast instead of the kit yeast - and, from memory, late additions of Goldings. The one or two Dark lovers I know commented that it was really good! Must go back to that recipe. I bottled a SMOTY Ale last week (recipe from this forum) that tastes promising. Fingers crossed! [roll]
  10. So much for that theory! [pinched]
  11. Interested to read your story about the Old Spicy. I've also had problems with this recipe and still don't know whether it was infected or not. Only got 6 bottles left (been forcing them down) but it hasn't killed us yet! I used Dark Ale, 1kg LDME and 250 gm honey, with 1 tsp cinnamon. And I changed the kit yeast for US-05. It's now 6 months old and still tastes like smoked fish! Hasn't improved one bit. [sick] Not too bad if I mix it 3/4 Draught and 1/4 SFA (that's Smoked Fish Ale) - that's why it's lasting so long! I've put the problem on several other forums and no-one has ever heard of a taste like this, so maybe it's a normal taste for Dark Ale and I'm just not an experienced enough dark drinker to know it! [pinched]
  12. someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd wouldn't mix English hops (Fuggles, Goldings) with American hops (Cascade & Amarillo). It's usually Fuggles and Goldings with English Ales and the Yankee ones for American Pale Ales. But, Mat, if you've tried Fuggles with Cascade and it's good, let us know - I'm willing to try a change! [happy]
  13. OK, got it! That is a decent whack of Cascade. I've got a Cerveza on at the moment with a 15gm @ 20 min and 15gm @ flameout additions of Cascade and after reading your post yesterday I chucked in another 15gm dry last night (5 days to go till bottling). Only used BE2 though, but I'm beginning to like my beer more and more bitter, so should be OK. Hope I like the Cascade - haven't tried it before (I just luuuuuv Amarillo [love] , so hoping it's similar. Can't stand the Euro-type hops!) [roll]
  14. No extra bittering Anthony? I would have thought all that malt would make it a bit too sweet. [pinched] How long has it been conditioning for? I do like the Yankee hops though - might have to try! [happy]
  15. No, he probably DID mean priming!! [crying] When I first started brewing I had one friend of OH telling everyone around the campfire that "if you want to make it really high alcohol, put double the sugar in when you bottle". [pinched] I can only imagine this "expert" had never actually done it himself! [annoyed]. Taste-tested a bottle of my carefully brewed and eagerly awaited Sparkling Ale last night (after only 2 weeks conditioning) - same thing damn it! Sugary home-brew taste. Bitterly disappointed, as I was telling everyone that this would be the real thing, the cure for the home-brew taste. [pinched] OK OK OK - I know, I'm too impatient. But if I leave this one for a couple of months and it doesn't come good, I'm going to the Dark Side! [cool]. Oh, the recipe was: Can Sparkling Ale 1.5 kg can LME 150 gm Crystal steeped 300 gm Dextrose 10gm POR @ at 15 mins 23L Fermented 2 weeks at 18 deg. C FG 1011 Kit yeast (HBS guy swears by it!)
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