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  1. Ive been having a bit of a think about this...... Maybe it is because Dr Tim is an actual Human Doctor and doesnt want to encourage excessive drinking???? Maybe Mild Ale or Coopers Light in cans Dr Tim??? I want a low carb beer with a lower alcohol volume that doesnt taste like metallic water. If my memory is right PB2 once said that canning beer is cheaper than bottling this could help with last years packaging costs! (Not that Dr Tim will read this..... But I had to get it out there!) Cheers Matt
  2. Hi guys, Can you get coopers premium lager (Commercial) in 30 can packs in S.A.? Can we get cans at all in sydney? Is a 30 can pack in the minds of Coopers Hierarchy for national distribution? Cheers Matt
  3. sulfur/rotten egg smell n taste is normal with alot of lager yeasts. it disipates after a few weeks in bottle or keg. the coopers lager yeast will produce sulfur. saf S-23 can be bloody offensive, but it is a very effective yeast. saf 34/70 as well. Matt p.s. never throw a batch out unless it is absolutely horrid... e.g. I threw out 3 of the 4 Cascade kits I done as they were so unstable that I ended up with a SKIN on top of the wurt. threw out the fermenters too! cascade kits were very sensitive/ unstable. hence they no longer exist. the coopers products are heaps stable... the yeasts are heaps versatile temp wise etc. my opinion.... if your not sure, bottle it / keg it anyways n give it a couple of weeks for improvement! P.P.S. I agree with THE HAIRY ONE .. your wurt looked good in the photo!
  4. may I ask where you acquired this fine instrument Muddy?
  5. sorry lads, i couldnt log in on my apple devices all week as it sends me straight back to home page. on old lappy now. bum steer guys, i forgot to mention it was a 60 litre batch! ive never heard of "overpitching" PB2? is this possible? cheers matt
  6. I wouldnt mind being able to purchase extra coopers yeasts when I get my cans at Big W. Especially the Ac+L. I pitched 42grams of it last night 22 degrees and twelve hours later its On Like Donkey Kong! Gonna be all over Red Rover in four days and with another four to clear the beer ill be bottling next monday! I understand it has to be cost sensible for Coopers so maybe start with selling the Ac+L , its the most versatile and can be used in any season. Cheers Matt
  7. I wouldnt mind raising this subject again. Why you ask? Because I just bought ANOTHER electric can opener. I know one of the main purposes of home brewing is to lower costs, but I wouldnt mind paying 50c or a $1 more per can if it had a pop n pry open top instead! Love Thirsty Matt Xxx ooo
  8. Use by date 3/16 john! Thats what made me think it might be a run out sale? LoL Antiphile, funny bugger! Poet.... I feel for you Mexicans! Magnaman, maybe just a sale then! Might stock up, original series dark ale is as good as any premium kit on the market me thinks! And the draught is good for a variety of recipes. Cheers guys
  9. Original series cans are on special for $9.99 in woolies Sydney stores. Last time I seen this was at Coles when they were running them out forever! Anyone know anything or just a special? Cheers Matt
  10. I walk the hound down Popondetta pk everyday Hairy. The broken VB bottles are still there!
  11. Yeah, great memory Hairy! Still in Letho. You seem real comfortable mate.... Never left this site did ya? LoL
  12. Pretty good here Paul! You may remember a few of us dropped off the old site a bit whe it first opened, then i bought apple products and lost coopers altogether. (Except the beer n homies) Site is easy to navigate and isnt hard on the eyes to read! Im happy! :) P.s. The forum was the hardest thing to read n navigate on the old site.... This one is great! Cheers Matt P.p.s. Far out, this sight has been operating since december! I need too check my emails more often!
  13. About bloody time guys! Apart from the fact it works with ipads n iphones, i also like the new webpage! Easy to read n get around! :) Its been a few years, Is Paul (PB2) still about?
  14. Im jealous of the above ^ i just popped in to say im finally trying the 2011 vintage ale. In my opinion its the best one yet. the malt flavour is hotdog and its seems a little smoother n softer bitterness, and the alcohol isnt in ya face! ill buy a 6 pack now and see how it ages! good job coopers! dude, what did the 99 vintage and aged sparkling taste like???
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