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Stronger version of Kilted IPA


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Hi all ... long time drinker, first time brewer (well, third time now anyhow).


I'm keen to do an IPA and wanted some feedback on a slightly stronger version of the Kilted IPA.




Here's what I'm thinking, filled to 20l instead of 23l.


1.7kg Thomas Coopers IPA beer kit

800g Light Dry Malt - All I have at the moment without going back to the LHBS

250g Crystal Malt - As above, what I've currently got

30g Fuggles Hop Pellets - I could go more as I've got 90g

11g Danstar Nottingham - First time brewing with this, I haven't used S-04 either but have heard more positive things about Nottingham


Other then that, following the process on the above link but to 20l instead of 23l.



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Welcome to the forum Jarrod!


Philbo's adjustments look good. But even if you stick with your recipe in your post it should be a nice beer.


Third time brewer? As in this is your third brew or this is your third attempt at the home brewing hobby?

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Nottingham is notorious for stripping hop bitterness/flavour from the finished beer. If you're comfortable doing a 10 or 15 min boil with your steeping hops instead of steeping them (or maybe doing both), maybe a better option? If you decide to do it this way, just use the wort from the steeped grains for your boil.

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Just put it through IanH's spreadsheet for you Jarrod.


With the Fuggles boiled for 10 min (assuming 6.2%AA) and the cane sugar added:


OG: 1.050

IBU: 48.7

FG: 1.011 (Which Notto should easily achieve)


ABV: 5.4% (after bottle priming)


Should be nice and balanced with the extra IBUs. [cool]

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Awesome appreciate the input gents.


So revised recipe is:

1.7kg Thomas Coopers IPA beer kit

800g Light Dry Malt

250g Dextrose

250g Crystal Malt

50g Fuggles Hop Pellets 25g @ 10 boil, 25g dry hop

11g Danstar Nottingham


Fill to 20L mark. Ferment @ 15 deg.


This one will be the fourth actually, about to bottle DrSmurto's kit version of Golden Ale, and it's tasting bloody good from the FV already. This latest one I've been able to do in the Fridge with STC-1000 and heat pad, boy what a difference it makes.


I'll report back on how it goes!

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Well, it's in the FV now so it's in the hands of the gods. :)


I couldn't help but make a couple of slight variations to the final recipe.

- I used 300g dextrose instead of 250.

- I did 15 @ 15, 10 @ 10 instead of 25 @ 10 as I wanted to just push a little more hop flavor without too much extra bitterness. It's probably bugger all difference either way though.


Pitched at 22 about 2 hours ago and it's already down to 18 in the Fermentation chamber, heading to a final destination of 16 degrees for the next 2 weeks.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Well some possible bad news with this one.


I bottled about a week and a half ago and tried some the past few nights. I think it's been hit with chlorophenols - band aid taste!


Strange because I do filter my water and the last few batches have been fine. I can only guess that there was an excess of chloramine in the water at the time that the filter didn't remove. I'm reasonably confident it's not an infection, as I'm meticulous with the sanitation.


So a bummer. I'm now going to use campden tablets to dechlorinate all water before I brew. Will try one again in a few weeks as well to see if its improved, but I'm not holding out too much hope.

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G'day Paul,


A possibility. Tasted ok when I bottled. I also tasted about a week and a half into the fermentation, and tasted a tad like there was some diacetyl (buttery), possibly as a result of the lower fermentation temperature. I raised the temp to 18C for the remaining week which cleared this. I'm not at all familiar with these off flavors though so I could be off the mark.


Fizz level is as expected, which is a little under that of previous brews in line with the style I was aiming for. I used one and a half carbonation drops per long neck, the half being split with a sterilized knife inside sterilized cling wrap.


Final Gravity was 1.008, no sign of any wild yeast and over carbonation.

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