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Australian Draught Recipe - Need some feedback


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Hi guys,


Thinking about throwing down an Australian Draught, I've dabbled a bit with them but now I'm getting more comfortable with brewing i want to use some hops and maybe steep some malts as well. I will throw in the comment, I find VB's too bitter for my taste-buds.


I was thinking;


1.7kg Coopers Draught Kit

1.0kg LDM

0.4kg Dextrose

15g Pride of Ringwood (10min Steep)

200g Crystal Malt Pale (10min Steep)

US-05 yeast (re-hydrated and pitch at 22\xb0C)


Probably make up to 23L... maybe 21L.


Now this will be my first time with PoR and steeping malts.


How does all that sounds? Any tips or advice regarding it?

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Riley, I noticed you are only steeping the hops for 10 mins which will only give you flavour.


Pride of Ringwood hops are mainly used for bittering as I don't think they are a great flavouring hop. Personally I would change them for something like Cascade, Galaxy, Centennial or any other flavouring hop.


Have a bit of look around for what flavours you are looking for & what hops will give you that result.


I would also up the steeping time for your Crystal Malt, say 30 mins...but that's just me.

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Whenever I hear "Australian Draught" I think lager.. I like a lager so did this True Aussie Bitter recipe from the coopers site.. http://www.coopers.com.au/the-brewers-guild/how-to-brew/lager/true-aussie-bitter

I thought it was pretty good so might be worth a go if you're after an "Aussie Bitter". May benefit from some lager yeast like Saflager S-23. Ferment at 13C as the recipe suggests. Once the SG drops by about half you can lift the temp to about 16C I reckon. Someone else may be able to add something here but I reckon if you're gonna try a lager, you gotta use a lager yeast... And since you're buying additional yeast anyway..


There's a Fresh Draught recipe I haven't tried in the Lager section but might be worth a look too.. The Pilsner and Czech Pilsner were awesome if you're into Pilsner.


All are better than VB in my opinion. I do like a VB now again though...

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That temp raising on the lager is the diacetyl rest. In other words, raising the temperature towards the end of ferment to clean up any diacetyl that may be present (like a buttery/butterscotch flavour). I've read varied opinions on the best time to do it but I usually wait until the brew is a few points off my expected FG, or is somewhere around 1018-1020 and then raise the temp to about 16 until FG is achieved. I think half the OG is a bit early. Paul has said a few times that bottle fermentation (carbonating) achieves this as well. The idea is that you want the yeast active. So I can see why either way would work. I just have the capability with a brew fridge to do it in the primary, so I do. [cool]

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Hey guys, just wanted to update this. Incase others want to try a draught.


So last thursday I started the following;


1.7kg Beermakers Draught (sorry no coopers @ LHBS)

1.0kg Light Dry Malt

300g Dextrose

150g Dry Corn Syrup

200g Carapils grain (steeped 30min)

25g Pride of Ringwood hops (20min steep)

Kit yeast; rehydrated. Pitch 25'C, keeping it at 20\xb11'C. 23L batch.

OG was 1.049, atm (19th jun) 1.016, still fermenting.


It's going really well, I love tasting my hydrometer readings [biggrin]


I'll let D-rest for a week then Cold crash for 5days then bottle. Planning a 150g Dextrose Bulk Prime.


Once I taste this sweet sweet beer i will get back to you guys, don't wanna jinx it but i feel this will be my best draught yet.

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I'll let D-rest for a week then Cold crash for 5days then bottle. Planning a 150g Dextrose Bulk Prime.

Nothing wrong with making beer with the ingredients you can source - if it's not Coopers, that's our problem[pinched]


If you are fermenting with lager yeast at lager temp's, no "D-rest" is required because the secondary ferment will perform quite nicely at mopping up diacetyl.


Having said that, the yeast with the Beermakers Draught kit is most likely an ale strain. Even more reason for no "D-rest". [wink]

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