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As SWMBO is not a big beer drinker I was thinking of making up a batch of lemonade for her. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried making it? I have gone to another site and found this recipe does anyone have any feedback?


Hard Lemonade (Alcoholic)

This recipe makes a semi-sweet alcoholic lemonade of about 4.5% strength. You can vary the sweetness by varying the amount of lactose in the recipe or make it dry by leaving the lactose out altogether (see notes)


You will need:




\u2022 A 25 or 30 litre fermenter *

\u2022 Enough bottles for 20 litres of lemonade

\u2022 A priming scoop for measuring sugar into the bottles *

\u2022 Homebrew sterilizing compound *

\u2022 Beer or screw top softdrink bottles

*(Available from Liquorcraft)


\u2022 2kg dextrose *

\u2022 500g lactose *

\u2022 12-24 lemons, sliced or chopped fine including peel

\u2022 up to 50g crushed or grated fresh ginger (optional)

\u2022 5g yeast nutrient *

\u2022 1 sachet SAFale yeast *

\u2022 Water to make up 22 litres of wort *

* (Available from Liquorcraft)



\u2022 Heat 5 litres of water then add dextrose, lactose, lemons & ginger & simmer for 20 minutes.


\u2022 Sterilize your fermenter according to directions on the sterilizing compound.


\u2022 Add about 12 litres of cold water into your fermenter. Pour the hot mixture through a straining bag (available at homebrew suppliers) into the fermenter.


\u2022 Top up with cold water to the 22 litre mark add the yeast nutrient & stir well.


\u2022 Make sure the temperature is 30C or less & add the yeast, fit a fermentation lock in the lid of the fermenter & half fill it with water.


\u2022 The fermentation should start within 24 hours although it usually ony takes a couple of hours to start. When it starts, bubbles should be rising through the lemonade & stream through the water in the airlock.


\u2022 Allow the lemonade to ferment until it stops then allow it to settle & clear for 48 hours.


\u2022 Use a priming scoop (available from Liquorcraft) to add a measure of sugar to each bottle.


\u2022 Fill the bottle to about 50mm from the top then seal it firmly with a crown seal or screw cap.


\u2022 Store these bottles in a warm place for a week or 2 to allow them to condition (become fizzy). They will now be ready to drink.



You can vary the quantities of lemons & ginger to suit your own taste.

You cannot use sugar or glucose to sweeten a bottle fermented drink like this because it will cause the bottles to explode. This lemonade is sweetened with lactose which is a non-fermentable sweetener. You can add more or less lactose to suit your own taste. As a rough guide, lactose is about half as sweet as sugar.





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I have never made this but there was an issue of Brew Your Own magazine with quite a large section on making soft drinks (both soft and hard versions if that makes sense).


It would have been in the last 1-2 years. You could check for back issues if you are interested.

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Check this out it is Called SKEETER PEE it is some good stuff made some up last year and it goes down good and once you got it down. y can have many different flavors.


For a 5 gallon (23 Liter) batch There is a recipe for 1 Gallon (3.7 Liter)


3 bottles of 32 oz 100% lemon juice (e.g ReaLemon in the green plastic bottles or equivalent)


7 lbs sugar (or 16 cups) to ferment


3/4 tsp tannin


6 tsp. yeast nutrient (3 now, 3 later)


2 tsp. yeast energizer (1 now, 1 later)


Approx, 4 1/2 gallons water


Yeast Slurry


Potassium metabisulfite (Kmeta)


Potassium sorbate (sorbate)




2 1/3 lbs sugar (or 6 cups) to sweeten finished Skeeter Pee. Use more or less for your tastes.


Here the web site for it with complete instructions Skeeter Pee


This stuff can be potent on the ladies my wife call it the Panty Dropper because she will lose them every time.



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