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Finally got around to my Belgian Witbier. All unknown territory, so after a 3 hour brew day all there is to do now is wait and hope that I've turned out a half decent beer.



3kg Coopers Wheat Malt Extract

250g Weyermann Wheat Caramel Malt

6 litre boil

30g Helga (Southern Hallertau) 5.5% @ 50 minutes

15g Sylva (Southern Saaz)6.5% @ 15 minutes

30g Corriander seed (cracked) @ 15 minutes

30g Dried Orange Peel @ 15 minutes

made to 21 litres

Wyeast 3944 pitched at 22'C

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Sounds good Scottie. But I have a question.


Does the 250g wheat malt have enough (or any) diastatic power for conversion? I thought it had to be mashed with a base malt?

Not sure it really matters. 250g wheat malt on top of 3kg wheat malt extract won't make a huge difference.


Anyway, I thought wheat malt was able to convert by itself without a base malt.

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Hopefully a steep will do the job, its actually Wheat Caramel Malt

from Craft Brewer:


EBC 100 - 130 (Steep): Promotes body & wheat malt aroma with enhanced colour.

Used particularly in Dunkelweizen and Hefeweizen.

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Well I just tapped this one and I must say I reckon I've nailed it[love] .


I reckon I've at least nailed the style, if not the Hoegaarden itself. Also I need to add a caveat, I tasted my first Hoegaarden in Helsinki in Mid February this year. In the week prior to this I was drinking Edelweiss Hefetrub and to be honest I was hard pressed to pick the difference.


It is more than likely that it is all about the yeast and not attributed to any skill of mine. It's all about the yeast people.


Edit: It's young but drinking well, 2.9 weeks in the FV 3.7 weeks in the keg [innocent]

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Nice one Scottie! Do you think it'll be a lot better with time?

Hey Tobias

I'm not sure, they say that time lets the bitterness mellow. Yet this isn't a bitter brew by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps its in the zone. But I will say that the second one was better than the first and then [surprised [surprised the third was better still

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This beer changed in character; overnight [alien]

After a week it just lost the flavour that I was finding so reminiscent of the real Hoegaarden. Now it comes across as a tad sweet and quite neutral in its flavour profile. I have no idea what happened and I am left wondering if this is the answer to my previous question of whether you can successfully keg a Whit Beer.

Next time I will increase the bittering hop boil and bottle the entire batch.

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