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Suggestions for using roast barley

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I bottled the Irish Red Ale brew that Coopers had as a pack last week.


That used Roasted Barley as well as Crystal Malt.


It has only been in the bottle a week, but when I gave a PET bottle the squeeze test it had pressurised up so I had to sneak a stubby to taste today.


I know it is still very green (if a red ale can be green! [crying] ) but if this is only going to get better it is going to be a very good drop.

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Hey Tim


I know you said outside of Porters, but if you've got a shed load left then you should have a go at the EB Porter.


I also made the Irish Red but mine wasn't so great, I had a strong egg smell during fermentationand then also in the keg. I ended up tipping out 1/2 a keg - perhaps I should di it again without the kit yeast.

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