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Belgian Extra Dark

Ivon T

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So I asked the question a few weeks back about gradually adding fermentables to a brew. Just bottled the beer I was working on at the time and it tastes like it might a cracker.


"Belgian Extra Dark"


to 20lt

1 tin Coopers Real Ale

1 tin Amber Ale

500gm Dry Wheat Malt Extract

500gm Light Dry Malt Extract

3 Vanilla Pods

1 Sachet Kit Yeast for nutrient


T58 pitched at 24deg and fermeted at 20deg


1 bottle of Dark Candi Sugar at 7 days


1 bottle of Dark Candi Sugar at 14 days


Bottled at 32 days and FG 1016 with the addition of 3 Vanilla Beans Steeped in the Bulk priming mix.


now for my conundrum.... when I took the OG it was 1065. How do I account for the later fermentable additions in calculating ABV?




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weel if that's the case I put it into IanH spreadsheet and it gave me an expected OG of 1083 with a FG of 1020. an ABV of 8.3%.


not too bad I guess - sample tasted freaking amazing vanilla, Caramels and a hint of coffee

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