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Quick and Dirty Cherry Wheat Saison


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I made a small 10L batch of Cherry Wheat Saison tonight. It probably doesn't fit into any kind of style, but I don't care because I made it to humiliate a stag at his party next month.


Pussy Whipped Cherry Saison: 6 Litre boil

- 1.5 kg Can of Coopers wheat liquid malt extract

- 10 gm Motueka hops for 60 mins

- 700 gm jar of morello cherries and syrup, pureed in the blender and added at flame out.


OG: 1.048

IBU: About 14 IBUs


Pitched a 300 ml starter of recultured yeast from a bottle of Saison Dupont @ 25\xb0C (I'm going to let this one ferment as hot as it likes)


Should hopefully turn out with enough cherry character and color to embarrass the stag [kissing] , but should be very drinkable too!


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The real humiliation will be the labels. Trust me, they will be tailored to specifically humiliate the stag. The beer itself should be pretty fresh and tasty.


Sadly there are too many people who would be very proud to be seen drinking a slab of VB in public...

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