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Gluten Free IPA

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Hi all

Last night I attempted to make a gluten free beer. I will have to see if it actually drinkable - I hope so, cos the ingredients weren't cheap!


I couldn't find the Gluten Free version of Wyeast 1272 American Ale II so just used the normal version, made a starter using honey.

The beer ingredients were:

3kg White Sorghum syrup

1kg honey

180g self malted buckwheat

4 Tbsp of Red Quinoa (just to see if I could get a bit of colour)


Buckeload of hops, in case it tasted like crap.


I did a partial mash with the buckwheat (I couldn't find any info if buckwheat has the enzymes to convert but wait till the end) and the quinoa in about a Litre of water (I initially started with 1/2 but it soaked it up real good).

Then I did a boil of 7L with the honey and liquor from the buckwheat quinoa "mash" (I bloody forgot to test with iodine to see if it actually mashed).

Did a 40 min boil with 20g Galaxy pellets

15 mins with 14 g cascade and 10g galaxy

10 mins with 14 g cascade and 10g galaxy

5 mins with 28 g cascade and 10g galaxy

Chilled it, and then into the fermenter with the sorghum, topped up to 18L (1.8L starter to take it to 20 L).


I took a hydro sample before adding the yeast = 1.071!!! Beersmith suggested I would get 1.060 at 20L. Perhaps the buckwheat added a helluva lot.

Added my started and topped it up to the 20 L mark.


Tasted the hydro sample. Very interesting. Sweet, but not as much as malt. I hope it's not too bitter, cos I could already taste the bitterness [pinched]


Had planned on adding another 28g Cascade dry hopped

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Hey Adam - I missed this thread until now. Very interested to see how it turns out.


I am gluten intolerant (medically diagnosed - not just because it is trendy [biggrin] ). I am lucky enough these days that I can control it enough so that I can enjoy a few real beers on weekends without and major symptoms. Just these last few weeks I've been thinking about possibly throwing together a GF Beer. I've never really tried because the only commercial variety I've tried was decidedly underwhelming...and expensive.


BTW - Where'd you get the Sorghum syrup?

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I am gluten intolerant

Intolerance causes a lot of the world's problems Muddy. Acts of violence, wars etc, all because of intolerance. We should learn to be more tolerant of others, including all types of gluten.


That's not what you meant though, is it? [innocent]


Sorry, I didn't mean to make fun of your medical condition (well maybe a little). Feel free to make fun of mine in return (you can make them up) [biggrin]


Craftbrewer sell Sorghum Syrup:


Craftbrewer - Sorghum Syrup

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haha good work guys


I got the Sorghum syrup from Grain and Grape.


The beer is OK. There's not enough bitterness, which will be due to my limited boil size at the time. It's too sweet. It's a bit like softdrink really. Quite easy to drink, and then all of a sudden the 8% alcohol hits.


The body is way too thin to be classes as "beer" I think. But, it's not bad when stacked against the commercial gluten free beers I've tried.


I think I just went over the top with ingredients [lol]

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