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Hi All,


Just threw this on


Coopers Pale Ale Can


200g Carapils

300g Pale Crystal Malt

EKG Hops 25g @ 15 mins, and 15g @ 5 mins



Anyone had any experience with EKG? Will be turn out nice, I read that it has floral and citrus aromas/flavor.


My mrs doesn't like the Coopers Pale Ale from the bottle shop, she loves other beers. I thought that perhaps it's the hops that bothers her, so I thought EKG may the way to go, any thoughts?

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G'day Adz

I reckon your will love that hop. But I'd be wary of the sweetness because you've got three ingredients that add to the body of the brew and therefore its sweetness. If you and the missus like this brew next time brew it with just 1kg of malt and the 300g of crystal. That way you will get a good feel for what specialty grains bring to the brew.

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Bottled this last night, Sat in FV for three weeks. It smelled so good I had to post again to describe it. That beautiful Pale Ale smell and the EKG really came in nicely. I can tell that this will be a great beer! [love]

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