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What style of beer would this be closest to?


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It's basically a variant on fruit salad Ale. I couldn't get amarillo and used galaxy instead.


Coopers Pale Ale

1Kg Dry Light Malt

15g galaxy steeped 30min

25g cascade steeped 30mins

Kit yeast

Filled to 21L



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Personally, I wouldn't worry about style unless you were entering competitions. Just brew for taste.


Really, Hairy? I Think the opposite. I think brewing to a style guidline helps the rookie brewer. It give the brewer boundries in which to stay in. It also allow a novice brewer to use/try specific ingredients as they should be used. ie roasted barley in a mild as well as a stout or say Caramunich in a Marzen/Oktoberfest.


Helps me, anyway![alien]

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