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young beer good.older beer not as good


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1.5kg amber malt extract


500g light dried malt


250g crystal malted grain (120ebc)


500g soft brown sugar


30g Fuggles hops


45g Willamette hops


Ale yeast


Made this a few months ago. and bulked primed . put into 700ml and 1.25lt lemonade bottles

when it was 3weeks in bottle it was yum drink more even my wife liked it had a nice hope taste and not to bitter. now that its 3months old it is not as nice tell the truth its just a bitter beer all taste has left it

i had this happen to one other beer i made a few years ago as a young beer it was great as it aged it got worse. has any one else had problems like this, or is there any way to stop it doing this

many thanks

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It was a recipe i got off the net

it was to boil every thing for 45min ,which i did

as i said as young it was great older not as good

i was looking for an ale that was smooth and not to bitter but had a nice flavorer and as a young beer this felt it was going to do it

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David, I'm not sure what the difference between the young and older beer is but perhaps start with the type of beer you want to drink at the three month mark and go from there.


Your beers at three months are too bitter and lack flavour. I would cut back on the 45 minute addition of hops and push some of them to a 10 minute addition and a dry hop. I don't have access to any software to work it out at the moment but perhaps someone else will help.


This will give you a beer that is less bitter and also making it a bit hoppier.


Start with that and see where it takes you.


Also, what yeast did you use? If you make the Yorkshire Ale again then get yourself some English ale yeast like S-04 or Windsor. Then brew it around 20-21 degrees to get those fruity English esters.

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Assuming the following AA%:


Fuggles - 5%

Willamette - 6.1%


Your hop schedule would have given you an IBU of approximatelly 43.


The following hop schedule should give you around 31 IBUs and some more flavour:


15g Fuggles @ 45 min

20g Willamette @ 45 min

10g Fuggles @ 15 min

20g Willamette @ 15 min

5g Fuggles @ 5 min

5g Willamette @ 5 min


It is based on your original quantities. If you have more hops on hand then you can increase the 5 minute additions and also dry hop.

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Sorry took so long to reply





An often overlooked sister to the more famous 'Geordie Champagne' Newcastle Brown Ale. Slightly lower in alcohol but full of flavour a good one for the amber ale lover.


1.5kg Amber Malt Extract


500g Light Dried Malt


250g Crystal Malted Grain (120ebc)


500g Soft Brown Sugar


30g Fuggles Hops


45g Willamette Hops


Ale Yeast




Boil the ingredients in 5L of water for 45 mins. Carefully strain into a fermenter. Rinse the grain off with about 2L of hot water. 3/4 fill the fermenter with cold water

yeast was safale

Iam open to all suggestions getting different yeast here is hard thy only carry saf style

some one said Golding's

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