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  1. I brewed an elderberry flower and lime, used all the sweetener but next time will use half, bottled it at the weekend, all went well , One of my mates came round and wanted to try it ,well i opened a bottle , flat as, but tastes realty nice, SWMBO liked it as well So was wondering if we really need to gas the bottles
  2. Thanks for info , i have made it the way you say, but with out the dry hopping (good idea)and it turned out lovely when young , but after a few months the flavour depleted , this may be the kind of beer it is , so boiling will just make bitter and no flavour
  3. Lookin at making a beer can of Canadian blonde ! kg of light malt Citra hops to make a lite easy drinking Summer beer, some help with the amount and boil times for the hops would be much appreciated
  4. Just bought on of the MJ kits can i use normal white sugar , i dont have brewing suger
  5. Have fermented brew, OG was 1050 and is now sitting at 1012 so just about finished brewing out , only thing it has still got a hell of a head Krausen will wait a week see if it disappears
  6. Mangrove Jacks 30L stainless. It was something like that i was looking at, i like the idea of stainless, just thought some one may had one ,and pass on their thoughts But in this weather a heated one might be nice as well
  7. Has any one used a stainless steel fermenter i was thinking of getting rid of my plastic coopers one , have not put it on shopping list as yet but thinking about it, was thinking stainless will be easier to clean and sanitize Is there good and bad ones out there , any info would be great
  8. Thanks for replies , i am heading up to launceston this morning will head to Brew shop, get The Goodies
  9. Just been looking at some Recipes and saw this, Red Rattler Ale, says its not bitter , has any one made this and what was your impressions of it
  10. Galaxy 13% to 15% IPA, Pale Ale Citra, Amarillo, Centennial Tropical passionfruit, citrus hints of peach, mango. Similar to Citra but more fruity, less dank. It was just i saw galaxy in my hop chart and it looked good with peach ,never used it before ,but open to suggestions, Have made Beers with citra hops and like them, but wanted to try something different Once the weather cools down
  11. Iam wanting to make a fruity beer with peach and and nectarine overtones was thinking about 1.7k can Canadian or Mexican for base and bittering (dont like to bitter) 1kg of Dry amber malt for colour and body and looking at using galaxy for my hops can any one help out with hop setup how much and boil times and yeast make around 21lt
  12. Pigeon Bottle Liquid Cleanser any one tested this product was looking at it for cleaning pet bottles, and was hoping it was low foam Woolworth boast if very high foam goes every where
  13. I am making a beer from bits and pieces and i never took an OG, made up to 21lt It had a can of amber malt and 500gm of dark dried malt ,what would OG have been Yeast used was mangrove jack liberty bell It has stopped working, and reading iam getting is 1.10 ,been there for 3 days and the beer is clearing nicely , does this sound ok or do i leave a bit longer
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