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Suggestions for some recipes.

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I'd like to brew something darker, something like White rabbit dark ale, or a Porter, Holgate Temptress something I like and J squire porter is nice too.


I think it would be perfect timing to do this now sice they need 6 months in the bottle.


However, most of the recipes I have seen are full grain recipes. Not up to that yet. I boil hop and steep grain at this point but use kit.



Can anybody suggest a recipe?

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Hi Chris,


I found a recipe on this forum I think it was for the White Rabbit type dark ale, as follows:


1.5kg Coopers Dark Liquid Malt

1.5kg Coopers Wheat Liquid Malt

200g Dextrose

200g Victory Malt

200g Medium Crystal Malt

100g Pale Chocolate Malt


25g Target Hops (10%AA) @ 40 min

20g Cascade Hops (5%AA) @ 10 min

US-05 yeast

23 litres


I haven't actually made it myself yet, I had planned it but kept getting sidetracked[lol], but if you're up to the point of boiling hops and steeping grains then this recipe shouldn't be too much hassle. Maybe even your first full extract brew? [joyful]


As for Holgate Temptress, I don't really know how I'd go about making a similar one, however I have tried it before and absolutely loved it, that stuff is divine. Also agree about the J Squire porter.

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No worries[biggrin] There was no dry hop mentioned on that recipe. However I have a secondary recipe that has 15g of Cascade dry hopped on day 4, so you could always do that as well if you wanted to. I don't really think it's unusual not to dry hop necessarily, it's more a personal preference to me, I rarely do it myself, but other guys do it every time. I will have to conduct some experiments on identical recipes, one dry hopped, one not, just to see what sort of difference it makes. It's your choice really!

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The recipe in Post #3 is one of mine.


I think it is a really nice drop but it isn't a White Rabbit Dark Ale clone.


If you take that recipe and increase the late hops and also dry hop then you will get something a little closer.

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