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Yes, it's a XXXX Gold clone-ish attempt. I was after a "lawnmower lager" style mid-strength easy drinking summer beer. I just brewed it up on the weekend after bottling my english bitter (which tasted divine straight out of the FV).


Here's the recipe:

1 can Coopers Draught

1kg Lager Liquid Malt (LHBS)

300g LDME

15g Cluster hops (steeped 15mins)

Harvested/rinsed Saflager-23 yeast from a Euro Lager.


Dry hopping with 30g Cluster hops.

OG: 1.042

Pitched at 16deg (a bit cool).


Took 36 hours before it got a bit of a krausen, but it was firing up as I left home yesterday (in Canberra for 3 days).


Dropped the temp down to 13 degrees then.


It's not a recipe I saw anywhere, but it's simple enough so thought I'd give it a crack and see how it turned out.

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Yeah, aiming for around 4%, not the 3.5% of actual gold. It's the flavour I'm after. I used the kit spreadsheet with my recipe and it calculated ABV at about 4% (23L batch).


Not worried about the pitching temp. Lower than I usually pitch at but pitched started healthy yeast so figured worst case it'd take a bit longer to get going. And it did, by a matter of 12 hours over previous lagers/pilsners. So no biggy.


I wanted something with a BIT more flavour than XXXX Gold which I think I'll get, but we'll see ;-)

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Hey Coxy,


I know it's only been about a month since you made this one but I'm keen on knowing how it is progressing and how it tastes??


Just tell me to rack off and come back later if I'm being too impatient. [innocent]



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Ha! Rack off, you're too impatient! :P


No, seriously, I only bottled it last weekend. Samples tasted good though.


FG was around 1.012 so should be about 4.3% I guess after bottle conditioning, so more like XXXX heavy than gold.


I fermented for 3 weeks, cold crashed for 1 week and then bottled.


Will crack one next weekend just to give it a premature taste ;-)

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Ha! Rack off' date=' you're too impatient! :P[/quote']


[biggrin] [biggrin] I did ask for that didn't I??? [cool]


I'll just bide my time and wait for the results then!!!


Cracked my first bottle yesterday. It's delicious! [love]

Good level of bitterness, great clarity and a nice clean flavour. Bit like a typical Australian lager but IMO better flavour than the stock standard commercial stuff.

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