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New York Lager (clone attempt)


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Hello all.


As my IPA is fermenting away in the fridge i'm thinking of my next brew. I will try to make something close to this


But i can't find out what to look for in the BJCP..


My thoughts are something along the lines of:


1 can Traditional draught (??? it has cascade already)

1 can Amber LME

0,25 dex

0,25 light crystal (steeped 30 min.)


10 gr. cascade dry flowers @ 10 min.

10 gr. cascade dry flowers @ flameout

20 gr. cascade dry flowers dryhopped.


Yeast: SAFLAGER S-23 11,5 gr. + kit.

Ferment at 13 C??


Let me know what you think!

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I've never tasted that beer so I can't really help you in the way of it being near or far from what the original tastes like. But I reckon that recipe would make a pretty nice brew anyway. And yeah I would ferment it at about 13C, or get it down to about 10-11 if you can.




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No one? Anyone?[crying]

You might struggle with a response from most of the guys on here; I don't think it is widely available in Australia. I have never seen it.


Beer Advocate lists it as an American Pale Lager but the description states it is a pre-prohibition American Pilsner. Both styles are in the BJCP style guidelines but the beer seems to be more amber.


Sorry Henrik, looks like you will have to experiment. The recipe looks interesting anyway.

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Looks pretty similar to the Parity Amber Ale in the How to brew list, apart from the yeast. The Parity Amber is next in my pipeline.


Would be pretty interesting to do a back-to-back lager and ale and see how they compare.

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