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Tooheys Old


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I am sure Tooheys still do a kit but may be hard to source.


I have an All Grain recipe which is very good, below is a rough xtract conversion using quality products ie Cooper's

Cooper's Dark Ale kit

1 kg Cooper's Dark LME

optional 100 - 200 grams choc malt steeped

15 grams Fuggles or Goldings or maybe Williamette steeped for 15 mins

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I brewed a pretty good copy early on.


The recipe was:


Tin Tooheys Dark Ale (can get it at Big W in WA)

1kg Stout Booster (from brewcraft)

200g Choc Malt Steeped 30mins

SafAle 05


Was a ripping drop very close to the real deal

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I personally would use an English ale yeast in thi rather than an American one



I agree a typical english yeast will give it that dry taste famous amoungst tooheys brews.

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I have a mate that likes to make his Tooheys Old Clone.


Tastes pretty close to it. He used the can of Tooheys Classic Dark Ale and followed the recipe on the can. He makes it all the time now.


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