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Will these work together?


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I am a extreme brewing novice.[pouty]


I want to make a Coopers Dark Ale but bump it up to 6% if possible without ruining it. I don't want to use anything fancy just the stuff from Big W.


I have the Dark Ale kit, 500 g of Light Dry Malt, 700 g of Dextrose and I also have some Lactose which I wouldn't mind adding.


Is there any way of just using these ingredients to brew a dark ale at around 6% without it tasting like puke?



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Hi David

If you use all those ingredients and make it up to 21L you will end up with about 5.9%ABV in the bottle. However, I wouldn't use that much dextrose but that is my personal taste. You will still end up with a drinkable beer.


Try ferment it at 18-20C if possible.



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Dextrose will ferment out so using too much may leave your beer tasting thin and cidery.


Small quantities (eg. 200-300g) help inccrease the alcohol content and dry the beer out a little.


I would increase the LDM and reduce the dex. The extra LDM will result in some residual sweetness so you probably won't need the lactose.

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I think it just ups the alcohol content cos it ferments out completely. It means it's lighter in body than if you use the same amount of malt, which does flavour.

But, I am not so experienced and knowledgeable on the making side of beer, only drinking it [lol]


[Edit] Hairy is knowledgeable on the making side, so listen to him

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