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HELP!!! Austrailian Pale Ale Recipe Needed


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I am new to the world of home brewing and interested in experimenting with new ideas with the Coopers Kits. I just bought an Austrailian Pale Ale kit but I would like to know if anyone has any great recipes to enhance the final product. I have looked through the recipe resorce but can't find anything. Should I leave it as? Any thoughts?

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I have looked through the recipe resorce but can't find anything. .....?


Hello Brian

Lots of brewers here use the Pale kit as a base, so there should be plenty. They will range of simple recipes to some that involve spec grains and hops. Apart from the APA recipe on the can in in the how to brew section, there are some American Pale Ale and other styles. Not sure if you want an APA recipe or one using the APA kit?

Here are some Mid Strengths by PB2:

Coopers Mild Ale

Irish Red Ale

Ashes Ale

Paul's Fruit Salad Ale (leave out the dex and the blueberries)

Some other Brewers

Tony's Mornington Pale Ale

Weggl's Pale Yak

Muddy's LCPA clone at post #14

Plus more LCPA attemps on page 2 & 3


Good luck

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Welcome Brian.


What type of beers do you like or would like to make?


And what processes are you comfortable with eg. using grains and hops?


A simple but nice recipe is the Fruit Salad Ale listed in Nelson Amarillo's post. Adding 200g Crystal Malt is a nice touch to it.

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Ive got one down at the moment, was after.something with a little more smack of flavour:


Can coopers aussie pale

1kg light dry malt

250g dextrose

40g cascade @ 10 mins

40g amarillo @ 10 mins

40g centennial @ 0 min.

Safale us05 yeast

0 min addition was steeped for 20 mins whilst I was chilling pot.


Looking forward to seeing how it turns out, sounds mighty tasty I reckon

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I am contemplating something like this too using ingredients I have and adding some hops.


1x Can coopers aussie pale

500g light dry malt

500g dextrose

500g dark brown sugar (for some colour)

20g galaxy @20min

10g galaxy @ 0 min

Kit yeast.


Either galaxy or Nelson Sauvin hops perhaps, not that familiar with the taste differences yet.


[EDIT] Just saw the newsletter and the Fruit Salad Ale recipe complete ingredients can be bought from the store (with free shipping) - so bought it straight away. Sounds delicious.

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