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Red IPA experiment. . .


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Gunna give this a whirl.[joyful]




1.7kg Thomas Coopers IPA

500g Light Dry Malt

250g Crystal Malt

50g Roasted Barley

10g Fuggles (10 min)

10g Goldings (10 min)

25g Chinook (dry hop)

Fermentis S-04?


This will be my first attempt at an IPA/Red, so I'm interested to try this out. . .


Am I on the right track? [pinched] [lol]

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Hey Snags,


I love the name.[joyful]


I think the TC IPA kit is an exellent can. The choice of hops makes it a UK style IPA. I've been experimenting American hops in my last few IPAs. The amount of fermentables will make a Mid-strenght brew. The Roasted Malt will be a nice touch. I would think the Chinook would be more suited to bitter rather than dry hop.[unsure] They are quite high in AA%. They might blow your doors off.[crying] It is an IPA though.


Why do you call it a Red IPA?


I've got a packet of S-04 in the fridge that I am itching to try. Tell us how it turns out.

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