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Having completed my mission (almost) of six brews in two months I had some left over hops, light malt extract and some dextrose. The plan was to make an American Pale Ale using the OS Draught kit as the base and dressing it up with some medium crystal. But the LHBS only had Lager in the OS series. Thought it might be a good comparison given that brew 1 was Lager and BE1.

So I put this one down tonight

OS Lager

1kg Light Malt Extract

250g Light Dry Malt

250g Dextrose

250g Medium Crystal 120

25g Nelson Savin

15g Amarillo


I cracked the grains with a rolling pin (Pasta Press didn't work, needs knurling) and steeped for 30 minutes at 65 - 70'C on electric hot plate while stirring the wort. Strained wort into separate pot then sparged grains into pot for hop boil with 100g DME. Added Nelson at 8 minutes and Amarillo at 5 minutes. At end of boil combined worts and strained into FV, which contained 250g of Dextrose and 150g of LDM. Swirled and added Lager Kit and LME. Topped up to 23 litres and pitched kit yeast at 22'C. OG = 1.045.

Feels like it went well and feels like I have actually made a brew. [biggrin]


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Sounds good. It will be a much better beer than the first Lager kit you made.


I haven't tried Nelson & Amarillo together. Let us know how it turns out.


One question though. What is the difference between Light Dry Malt and Dry Malt Extract?

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What is the difference between Light Dry Malt and Dry Malt Extract?

Thanks gents, I have made an edit. I can't really call it a typo, but in my defense I posted at the completion of my brewing session which included the sampling of a few Pale Ale long necks during the steeping & boiling stage as well as the posting bit.[roll]



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Eddie' date=' after hearing about the longneck consumption while cooking, are you sure about the rest of the recipe?[roll']




That's a fair question Weggl. However I have checked my brew cupboard and all the listed ingredients are missing. I think its fair assumption that they are in the FV [lol].

As for the timing, one longneck during the steeping and then one during the boil so I am pretty confident that the times above are correct [biggrin]. Subsequent long necks may have messed with my post [innocent]

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Well it's three months bottled and apart from the three long necks I forgot to prime this is a great brew. I was concerned by the comments that others hadn't combined these two hops here so I did a search and found this bloke (Hop Nest IPA). Mine is not far from his tasting notes, ie I have the white wine flavour up front from the Nelson and it finishes off with caramel notes. The grapefruit is subdued in mine possibly due to the lower quantity of Amarillo. So I am guessing that mine is a Hop Nest Pale Ale [unsure] , almost.

Perhaps it is as Yob suggests and you can't really go wrong with hops [love] .

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