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hi guys!


just a quik note for marketing.


i needed a new fermenter so today i just went n bought a whole new coopers kit,,,then i have a whole new everything etc


"big w" plumpton nsw had none


k mart mt druitt nsw i bought the last one.


both shops are postcode 2770 or near enough.


its probably because christmas is near but just thought id let ya's know as i have tried to get a coupla mates into homebrew n they may have mentioned it to their missus etc


if she cant find one,,,,,i assume they will get socks n undies for christmas n you guys may lose potential customers!




matt : :D


p.s. big w had heapsa malt shovel n tooheys kits!


them grubs at lion nathan wanna charge ya $95 or sumpin n they dont even supply bottles!!

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