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Desperately seeking Coopers homebrew in Europe

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Hi, I moved from Oz to France 4 years ago, but still enjoy making Coopers Pale Ale.
Unfortunately supplies are hard to find, and I've now run out of options, endless google searches find nothing.

Since Brexit, the UK homebrew shops will no longer deliver to France due to customs regulations, ie hassle.
I was getting them from Ireland as part of the EU, but they have now run out of stocks due to the Red Sea dramas.

The few UK shops that will ship to France are running low, with some as little as 4 cans available!

Can anyone tell me where I can buy Coopers Pale Ale brew cans / light malt cans in Europe?

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I live in Switzerland and can get Coopers pretty easily. There seem to be some places in France, just from Googling. 
These prices look ok, I’ve never bought from them though so can’t vouch for delivery 


When I’m on my PC I’ll take another look and post some more links

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Hi, thanks to you both.
On the link you gave, they do not have the Pale Ale or the liquid malt.
Google does give results, but I've been through the lot, they either don't deliver/don't stock/or are corporate sites.

I'll try having a look at Switzerland.

I've never met any French that homebrew after 4 years living in a fair sized town, it's just not something they do. Hence there's no trace of homebrew shops even in the city, and even less likely they would have Coopers, as they've never heard of Coopers. The nearest Coopers I can buy in a bottle is in only one pub in Bordeaux, and that's 240km away from me.
My pain is real 😄

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54 minutes ago, LazyDave said:

'll try having a look at Switzerland.

Send me a direct message, if it‘s no good in France I can organise something here im Switzerland. I use this site (but they’re currently out of COPA kits). They don’t stock Coopers LME either, but the equivalent. They’re pretty good though.


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Panic over for now. Ireland has new stocks, and a friend is bringing some from the UK for me, it's 20% cheaper in UK than in Ireland.
Normaly I can't get UK supplies because of Brexit, UK companies no longer deliver to Europe.
I didn't get any further with my request of finding a European seller, despite the help I recieved here, but I appreciate the help.
It would be nice if Coopers could establish a full-on distributer in Europe. Europe is still a single market, where delivery between countries is not an issue.
But Europe is now without the UK, where Coopers is established in the market place.
Brewers of Europe now need an established European distributer.

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