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Not fermenting / no krausen


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Hi guys,


I started a brew about 36hrs ago.

1.7kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Beer

1kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Malt Extract


I ended up using 15g Brew Cellar Wheat Beer Yeast due to availability, instead of wb-06.


Currently there is no krausen. I do see condensation on the inside of the fermenter.

Hydrometer reading shows gravity hasn't moved since before pitching. Sitting at 1.032


Pitched at 24c

Currently sitting at 20c


Any suggestions?


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I know you would have checked it but I will ask anyway.


How old was the yeast?


Even then, you don't know how the yeast had been stored and how viable it is.


I would try to get some more yeast and if nothing happens in the next day, then pitch more yeast.

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Hey Bill, welcome to the forum. A good name you have I must say!!


I think you will find that your beer may have in fact started. If your SG is now at 1.032 I am guessing the OG was around 1.040 and due to the fact you also have condesation I would leave it another 24 hours at least.


The chances are there is a lot of availability of that yeast because it maybe old and overstocked in the shop. I am guessing your yeast viabilty was low in the packet you have which would explain why it is taking so long to start.


Either throw another packet at it or to save cost just leave it as it is. 6 to 1 or half dozen the other at the moment mate.


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Sorry Bill, I wasn't paying attention and thought it was BillK with the OP. Hence my fairly brief response.


I was wondering why BillK, the Yeastman, was asking a question about yeast[unsure]


Welcome to the forum Bill.

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Hmmm, 1032 is probably about right for the OG, considering only 1kg of liquid Wheat Malt Extract was used.


I would be pitching more yeast, asap!

I'm not going to object to your knowledge. However, I took the estimate from this calculator.

I do understand that it is only a guide and would go by your recommendation before my own.


I believe that the condensation is a sign of early fermentation and was thinking that it just took a while (36 hours) to start due to the viability of the yeast.

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Well it's now about 30hrs since adding the kit yeast.


I'm happy to report fermentation has kicked in nicely. I've now got about 11cm krausen going strong [biggrin]

you should be pitching the yeast when you place everything in the FV providing temp is right to reduce the lag time therefore less chance of infection. You stated in your opening post that it was 36 hours (and that was more than 30 hours ago) since you put the brew down, Why did you leave it so long?

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I was worried about the batch I brewed Saturday. I pitched saflager 34 yeast with Coopers OS Lager, 500gms dry wheat malt and a brewcraft Czech Pils mix and had signs of condensation but absolutely no krausen Tuesday. I took it out of the fridge where the thermo on the FV was saying 14-16 and left it on the bench in my brew room. Wednesday I had a nice little krausen happening. I checked it yesterday and it had exploded to the point it had blown the glad wrap! So I put it back in the fridge to bring it from 18 down to 12oC.


Sometimes there will be a problem with the yeast, others it may just be a matter of time and creating the right environment for a kickstart.


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