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programs to record each brew


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Josh, I just use excel.


You don't need anything fancy. I have inserted a formula for calculating ABV% based on OG, FG plus bottling increment. I got it from the Coopers Booklet that came with the microbrew kit. I don't worry about ABV% much, a rough ballpark figure is fine with me.


I think it is (OG - FG)/7.36 + 0.5. Will have to check later though.


I set up a template in excel and just create a new tab for each brew. Then copy the template into that tab and its ready to go.

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Sorry for leading you astray Josh.


I have checked my spreadsheet and it is 7.46. I didn't have my spreadsheet with me so I took a guess.


As I said before I'm not overly concerned about the alcohol content. You generally have a feel of it based on what you are putting in.

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