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Matty A

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Swanstar, Dan Murphys at Penrith usually stock the Vintage range.


Not sure when the 2011 vintage is being distributed to stores but I assume they will sell it.


It will give me an excuse to make regular trips there just to check.[innocent]

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Just realised I am in fact drinking this exact Vintage right now!


Local Dan Murphy's had been out of stock for the past few weeks, then just 2 days ago it reappeared and I grabbed some. Didn't even check the Vintage!


It's delicious (as usual). I still say this is the best beer I have ever tasted (and I've sampled a few!). Sure there are plenty of great beers out there, and I have plenty of favourites, but Vintage is special. Doesn't matter what Hop combo they use, they are all amazing. Similar enough to know it's Vintage, but that little bit different. I thought what I was drinking tasted a tiny bit different but put it down to 'too long between drinks'.


There ya go - a new Vintage!!


PB2 - how about an all-extract version of this latest Vintage, even a Kit version if the Hop profile fits? Something for those of us who aren't scared of a Hop Boil in extract? 5 Hops according to the press release (love the reference to a 'sick pack', might wanna get that fixed!) - sounds awesome!!

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What a beer.


This one is a cracker. I definately will be buying some more of this to celler. Its a shame I had this beer first as I picked up several from Dan Murphys, had this one first and all the others didnt compare.


Sorry I don't have a nice glass for it but will definately have to get one.


Well done Coopers, one of my favourite beers.





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The ESVA is my most-brewed recipe - in fact I'm drinking it as I type as the real thing ran out last night :-(


But kit brews are never as good as extract brews with a proper hop boil (and one day I'll move to AG so brews are even better).


And boiling hops in extract is kinda fun too, and smells awesome during the process!


But if I can't have that recipe - 15g each of Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo dry-hopped at the end of fermentation should come close to 2011 Vintage do you think? Anything that comes close will be awesome!! :-)

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I just had my first 2011 vintage ale.


It is sensational[love]


I enjoyed the 2010 vintage but I think this is far superior.


Hopefully I can hold off drinking the remaining 11 bottles so that I can cellar it a bit longer.


Perhaps I could just buy some more[cool]

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