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Mexican Cerveza with Lemon/Lime

Beer Loving Trent

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Hi all, I was give a mexican cerveza kit for my birthday, and apparently it's like corona, I don't mind corona with a bit of Lime and if no lime is on hand then lemon, now I drink my home brew from a glass so I was wondering how I would go about putting said lime or lemon in the glass.


So I was thinking slice the lime and putting that in the glass or even pulp some lime and putting it in the bottom of the glass before pouring. My admin lady suggest I put a wedge in the neck of my long neck before I pour it.


Which do you think would be the best way to go about this situation?

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I reckon you put a slice of it in the Glass before you pour the beer into it.


I tried to brew the lime flavour into the beer but found it overpowering and didnt enjoy it a great deal.


In saying that I am not the biggest corona fan

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I was in the grocery store with my wife recently,& walked down the baking needs isle lookin for anything I could brew with. I noticed that they sell these boxes (looks like a big juice box) of lemon or lime crystallized juice. I'm picking some up tomorrow (retiree pay day!).

I'm going to try it in a wheat ale with sweet orange zest & a bavarian weise yeast. Thay yeast makes banana flavors,so here comes my tropiweise! Since "weise" in German is pronounced "vIsa",you get the contraction of "tropivIsa". New version of fruit salad,eh?

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Hey Mate,

I don't mind a corona on a hot day with lemon, but with out the lemon find it to be a pretty average beer to say the least.

I brewed the Mexican Cerveza using a mix of Coopers light liquid malt and BE2. I was really happy with the result and will do another in the future prehaps with dry enzyme added.

Any way I found that from the keg it tasted like the lemon was all ready added. I also drunk a real corona with out the lemon and then one of my brewed ones and found mine to be much better.

I didn't find the need for lemon in mine. I would however never contemplate drinking a real corona with out lemon.

Cheers Clayton.

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Hi Trent,


This is what I recently did with a Mexican Cervesa Kit:


Golden Ginger Ale


1.7 kg Mex. Cervesa

500g LDM

566g LME (amber)

500g honey

500g fresh ginger root (pounded & boiled 20mins)

2 whole lemons (halved, squeezed & chucked in for 20mins)

8g Chinook (20mins)

22g Cascade (20mins)

7g Cooper's Kit yeast

25L water

OG 1.042


I haven't tried it as it's only been bottled for a short time. I did of course sample on bottling day and I think this one is a winner.



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Thanks all.

It tasted great with sliced lime in the bottom. I would post up a picture but I don't know how to. I noticed it was and stayed more carbonated with the lime in it. So it makes me wonder if the lime is used to A) improve the taste B) help it stay carbonated.

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Thought the lime was to mask the skunked flavour of beer that has sat in clear glass bottles. Nice point of difference for the marketing team at Corona.


I've sometimes peeled two large lemons with a potato peeler and chucked the peel and juice straight into ginger beer brews. Gives the ginger beer a nice tangy flavour. With a cervesa I guess you'd want to ensure you don't over do the lemon/lime flavour

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I thought the lime was used to kill the germs on the dirty bottles which were stored in unsantitory conditions in the Mexican sun???


Actually it's there to keep flys out of your bottle (Thats why they do the twisty thing and leave it in the neck) Without it i think Corona is rather sx on the beach.... F'ing near water[lol] [lol] [lol] [lol]

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