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hi fellow brewers, I have been brewing for just over 12 months, and would like to try something different to the brew. I have read the forum post, but terminology is lost on me a bit, so forgive me if the answer is already out there, i just havn't fully understood it!

My question is simply this...i want to replace the table sugar i use with malt, so, is it kg for kg, i.e. 1kg of sugar replaced by 1kg malt, and how will i know when the brew is ready, will it give a differen SG reading other than 1006. Next, is sugar still used in the bottles for 2ndary fermentation? sorry if these are simple and obvious, but Im just trying to learn

thanks for your help.[crying]


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Welcome to the Forums Mark.


Yes the malt is the substitute for the table sugar. The ratio for the alcohol isnt 1:1 as you will get more alcohol using table sugar to malt although you will get a better beer using malt. This will also give it a higher FG


Yes you also use the table sugar in the secondary fermentation as this works alot better then Malt.

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Hi Mark - Welcome [biggrin]


There is no set rule but yes 1kg of malt in place of 1kg of sugar will most certainly give you a better beer (in my opinion). Some sugar may still be used to up the alcohol if that is required. It really depends what kind of beer you are wanting to make.


Using more malt will give you a slightly higher final gravity (1008-1012 is in the ballpark but there are a lot of variables depending on yeast, ingredients, temp etc).


It is easiest to prime your bottles with sugar or dextrose.


EDIT: Matty beat me to it!

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