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Bacon Beer


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Muddy, I remember in a post some time back you mentioned one of the infections taste like bacon. Well I just bottled an Unreal Ale and unreal it is, I reckon if you poured this beer on the toast add a couple of eggs you would have breakfast.

This batch had 25 g Fuggles steeped 5 min. This is the first time I have used Fuggles so unless Fuggles taste like bacon I\u2019m in trouble. Should I just empty all the bottles now or give them 2 weeks and try?





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Hmm you should have added abit of egg and toast at bottling time. Now that's a real liquid breakfast.


From what I have heard there are a couple of sources of infection that would cause this. I have also heard that dark malts cause this flavour.


Maybe wait for someone like Paul to help, he might be able to shed more light on it.

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