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DIY minus the kit.


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Hey guys, thanks for having me.

Sorry to post an annoying novice question but I was wondering if anyone had experience brewing in open containers. Im a dirt poor uni student trying to cut my costs by getting the equipment seperate.

I was thinking I could in theory be able to by a 50 liter storage container, (possibly fit an airlock on it)leave it covered and ferment in it using coopers lager. Then bottle with sugar and standard coopers red largies and a table capper.

Whaddaya all think?

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cover it in glad wrap (cling wrap) and secure it.. rubber bands, tape.. whatever.. just make sure the container has a bottom tap so you can take readings (from the bottom) without disturbing the co2 layer.. it's not the lid that protects as such but the co2 layer which prohibits microbial growth..

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You can get beer style fermenters from Bunnings for cheap. then just go to BIG W get come coopers sanitiser, a bottle capper, some carb drops, the can of coopers beer you would like to make, and your making beer! If you use just sugar with the kit, let the brewing temp go really high and dont test the FG you might get expolading bottles and crap beer. But if your willing to spend a little money some time reading and cleaning- you can make really good beer and save money buying it!

Good luck! :)

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By the time you buy everything you need for your first brew it will cost about the same as the DIY kit.

Here are estimates:

$12 - Lager can

$3 - carb drops

$6 - BE1

$3 - caps

$20? - capper

$15 - fermenter

$3? - bottler

$5 - thermometer

$15 - Hydrometer

$2 - Tap

$5? - Mixing Spoon


Total = approximately $89


You can get the DIY kit which has all this and 30 bottles and lids for $85. It will make 2.5 cartons which pays for itself with the first brew. I'd be saving some dollars and get this if it was me.


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Thanks for all the help ive received guys. Ive also been adding up to costs and think it on second thought might be better to grab the kit for my first few runs then i'll be able to at least (fingers crossed) produce a drinkable beer.

i'll be sure to let eveyone knows how it goes.

Cheers guys

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as Josh said you can get 25L cans from Bunnings. A bit hard to find at bunnings but they are in the garden section and are water containers. You will not find them in the jerry can section. they have a screw on lid. Just take the bubber sealing ring out of the lid, place glad wrap over the top and secure it with the rubber ring from the lid. Dont bother with air locks. You will be able to see what the brew is doing. Air locks are a pain inn the bum.

THey are around $20 to $25.


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