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Kia Ora Fellas - Is it finished?

Crazy Chicken Man

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I went on a Brewery tour while on holiday, and decided that I would try a brew without any brewing sugar or enhancer type things. I thought this would would produce a purer brew.

I also wanted a beer that wasn't that bitter but would be good and strong, 6.5% ish (bottled)

I used Coopers Real Ale and Coopers Origianl Lager with one sachet of yeast.

I took the liquid level to 18 lites at about 1055 to 1060 the foam made it tricky to be exact.

After the most energetic 2 days of air lock activity I have seen (this is 8th brew) things have stopped more or less. The SG is at 1018 and has been for 2 days. (now been in the fermenter for 10 days at about 24/22 C)

I gave the fermenter a few shakes to try and get things going at 1020 no considerable activity has occurred.

What would you do?




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The yeast will just basically go to sleep after it has motabolised all the amount it can. Depending on the fermentable it may all be eated up. Seeing as might be a tad higher then normal.


After the yeast go to sleep and fall out of the solution you bottle your brew with more sugar which then wakes the yeast back up and thats how your beer is carbed.


So after all my ramblings basically the yeast goes to sleep instead of dying.

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So' date=' the yeast can only metabolise so much sugar before it nods off?[/quote']


No. The yeast 'consumes' all available fermentables (to a certain extent - attenuation varies, but stay with me on this one). Once the available food has been consumed and the yeast can't find 'food' (sugar/fermentables) they drop out of suspension, not straight away, but over a period of days. So it's not they have eaten their lot, rather there is nothing left for them.


when you add more sugar, you give it more 'food'. when bottling/kegging you are shaking it from it's place of repose and also adding more fermentables, limited to just enough to create the right amount of CO2 to carb up your beer without blowing it up. When this 'sugar' has been 'consumed' the yeast then drops out of suspension again, into the sediment in the bottom of the bottle, again over a period of days.


While there is a limit to how much each mirco organism can consume it is also a yeast farm in there, each producing more and more little yeasties all the time.


the right temp has to be maintained, if too cold it will stop and drop. Too hot it will do the same, but if it does handle the heat, it will produce 'bad' flavours/odours in the beer (often described as funky flavours/odours).

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Thanks for your patience!


So as the SG is 1018 ish ie lots of fermentables left the yeast must have been knocked on the head by low temperature or some other variable. The temp is good now but if the particles have dropped then they've dropped and more needs adding.


Either way, adding more yeast will get me to a satisfactory FG before I bottle.






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