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Some time back I complained that my IPA was too bitter, well how things can change.

Now about 3 weeks later I am tasting a delightful beer, still a little bitter for my liking but the rate of change that occurred in the last 3 weeks or so I think it should be perfect in another 2 or 3 weeks.

Guess Muddy was right again when he said leave it for 6 months!



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i put one down a while back with a recipe that went like this;


23L water

1.7 kg TC IPA

905 g Canadian Blonde

566 g LME (amber)

28 g cascde 20min

14 g F-out

14 g cooper's yeast

OG 1.046 ABV 5%


it's quite possibly the best brew i've put down.[love] i highly recommend it if you like the hops.


it's only 2 months old. [joyful]

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i went looking through my notes for that lost 1/2 can of Can Blonde and found it in my Unreal ale mash-up.


1.7 Kg Real ale

882g CanBlonde

482 Malto dex (liquid)

614g Dex

23L water

14g cooper's yeast

189g dex bulk prime



this beer is still quite young but has great potential.[joyful] a "real" winner


it leads me back to the question of what's on the can blonde? what variety of hops is in this kit.


BTW i'm not looking to copy anything.[biggrin] [bandit]

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