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Massive 120 litre fermenter!


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Hey guys,


anyone ever had a go at making a massive fermenter? I was thinking about buying two of these (http://www.smithsofthedean.co.uk/Blue%20120%20litre%20Barrel2.JPG) (http://www.smithsofthedean.co.uk/120%20litre%20Barrel.JPG)


1 to ferment in, and one as a secondary. They're about \xa320 each!


They're HDPE plastic, which is food grade (or so i've read). The tap is pretty high up on the vessel, but im sure i can just tilt it to get the last 10 or 15 litres out. Alternatively, they sell them without the taps, so i could just bore a hole myself and attach it at a lower point.


Has anyone had a go at brewing volumes as big as this? Are there any added complications to think about? I'm sort of hoping that i can just scale up one or two recipes that ive made before, and store it all in the new kegs that i've bought. Perfect for huge summer parties!

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yeah, ive thought about that. I'm gonna have to sanitize the hell out of everything. Also, might need to get myself a bigger spoon, ha.


I was also thinking that i might need to put in (sorry muddy) three or four airlocks, to allow for the larger volume of CO2 coming off the tank.


I would make so much beer... ha... like 200 pints per batch. That would still leave me with 2 corny kegs free to fill with whatever im making in my regular 23 litre fermenters

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How much extra heat is given off when you're brewing at this volume? Im brewing in Scotland, so the ambient temperature in my room is about 18 C. I don't imagine that the reaction is so exothermic as to raise the temp by 10 degrees, is it? If this is the case, i might get two of them and use them to heat my house in the winter!


Lazy Dave:

Yeah, I know what you mean, it would get boring pretty fast. But im planning on kegging it all and using it for parties. 200 pints probably wont last that long when there's 50 or 60 people drinking.


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