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Paul \u2018

I\u2019m attempting to writE an Excel program for the calculating of OG based on Coopers products.

I have taken OG calculations from John Palmer\u2019s book, which is all in quarts and lbs, and have converted them to Kg and L. What I have come up with is and this is based on 20L is that 1.7 can LME has 28.93 points

1 Kg DME has 18.95 points that means these 2 would give a hydrometer reading of 47.88.

My question, before I continue is are these figures correct? Also could you let me know what the OG would be of BE1 be in 20 L OF water and what would it be for BE2?


I know DEX has G of 1.7 based on 100g in 1 L water, so I will work on that.



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I don't know if this will help but the figures that I have are for 22.5 lt.


1 kg. extract syrup = 1.5% alc/vol

1 kg. dry malt extract = 1.8% alc/vol

1 kg. dextrose = 1.7% alc/vol

1 kg. sugar (white) = 1.8% alc/vol

1 kg. malt grain = 1.0% alc/vol


hopefully this will help.

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