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There is a man called Slurtis a man who stagers a lot

He stagers when he\u2019s pissed

And stagers when he\u2019s not.


He staggers in the street, the stagger will not fail

Many times to his surprise

He\u2019s woken up in jail.


Counseling he has sought to remove this dreaded blot

Hypnosis it did fail

Seems that staggering, is his lot.


His trouble it began, when he found the Coopers site

His wanderings all commenced

One September night.


Many medical examinations found the dreaded fault

It was air locks and fermenters

Yeast and hops and malt.


So if he could abstain he would lose the constant fear

Keep away from Coopers

And the art of making beer.


But alas poor old Slurtis, resist he just could not

So if you meet him on the street

You\u2019ll find Slurtist still stagers a lot.












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Sorry Muddy, dropped a "g" just as I added an "r" to "lager. Piss pots don't make verry good typist. but we must "play up, play up and play the game". Plagiarized from Sir Henry Newbolt's "Vitai Lampada".[crying]

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