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Authentic Russian lamb shashlik Recipe

Tricky Micky

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46 minutes ago, Mickep said:

Hey everyone, does anyone here have a really decent Russian lamb shashlik recipe....especially the marinade/brine

TIA cheers Mick

Hey Mick,

Just type in Russian lamb shashlik & there are heaps of them. Here's an example, I was curious so I Googled it.



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  Serves 4


  1¾ pounds lamb from the leg or shoulder

  salt, pepper

  2 bunches parsley

  2 bunches cilantro

  3 medium onions, finely chopped

  3-4 tablespoons vinegar

  oil for grilling

  Cut meat into cubes measuring 2 inches and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Chop half the herbs and stir into onions. Add vinegar and stir again.

  Marinate meat in this mixture for 8-12 hours. Keep in a cool place and turn several times.

  Drain the meat, thread onto four skewers, brush with oil, and grill. Serve remaining herbs whole with the grilled shashlik.

  Grilled tomatoes, strips of green peppers, or a tangy tomato sauce with rice go well with this meal.


Excerpt From
Classic Russian Cuisine
Alla Sacharow


From one of my recipe books mate, hope this helps cheers

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