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Big W 20% off Coopers

Malter White

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1 hour ago, MUZZY said:

Big W have Coopers DIY products on special. 20% off is a good saving. Brings the prices down to what they were before the OTT price rises.


In these times it is foolish not to take advantage of these savings, based on an average brew say Real Ale/BE3/500gm LDM/Hops etc I would save about $10.00, so it is worth it, a bit like Happy Hour - the more you drink, the more you save !!

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Last time they had a discount like that I got about 12 cans. Lol


$16kg for light dried malt.

Mmm, if you look around and don't mind buying 10kg  you will get it for about $7kg delivered.

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