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cryo pop hops


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43 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

Never heard of them 🤔

they are a aroma  and flavour style hop  and not really for bittering.

Cryo has a higher resin then your average pellet hop  and based on lupulin 
which will give you bigger aromatic aromas anf flavours

far as the word POP (Tri 2304CR)   is concerned is what i am after  


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1 minute ago, Popo said:

Heard good things on a podcast a while back but have not brewed with them. 

I'll be interested to see how you find them. They sound like they should be great.

i do have a recipe , but that recipe was only brewed today from a friend 

like this guy he hasnt heard much either (surprises me)  but did a recipe although basic

i was given these hops for free  100grams  of it so i have plenty   as the AA% is high as well

i will share this  when i do it and i may do it with a neipa  or even West coast ipa


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