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Having got to the point of brewing 80% of the beer I was drinking & even starting to play with making my own extract, grain steep & bits boil up recipes I ground to a halt & after getting used to using the brew fridge as an extension of the kitchen fridge during lock downs I didn't get around to brewing again.

Secondly to that a LOT of my beers were getting off flavors, I think due to my FV being to old & having micro cracks / a rough internal surface.

But, having found a cheap small fridge, to use as a fridge & having purchased a shiny new Mangrove Jack S/s brew bucket type FV I'm finally back into it & have a brew down today 😊

Started off with a nod to the Raspberry wheat beer recipe, as such,

1x 1.8kg Munton's connoisseur range wheat beer kit,
1kg Mangrove jacks brew malt 20 (LDM & Dex blend)
11g Morgans American ale yeast
3.5g (half) of the kit yeast
300ml of chilled simple syrup I boiled 2 dozen black boy peaches in to preserve yesterday

I'm going to chuck what Hops I have in the freezer in as a DH being,

30g Styrian Golding
45g Nelson Sauvin

Let ya know how it pans out!

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1 hour ago, Mikes15 said:

As per the coopers raspberry recipie.

Ive kept the other half in the fridge incase it stalls but going great guns so far.

Cool mate. Sorry just realized it’s a wheat kit yeast. Looks like a tasty recipe 👍

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Bit blow away by this but the brew went like a train, didn't really slow down then stopped on Saturday eve and has sat at 1012 since, that's a 3 day ferment!

Possibly a little high so might have stalled, think I might pitch the other 3.5g of kit yeast in to see if it will come down a touch before I CC & DH.

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39 minutes ago, Mikes15 said:

Haddnt totally stopped, now down to 1010, will give it a few more days rather than adding more yeast.

i dont think you will need more yeast at all   its not going to drop much more  i wouldnt imagine  , just leave it to finish and bottle

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Early days but not a bad drop, very slight peach note an black boy bitterness, nice an smooth once its gassed off.

Not much from the hops but i ddi back out an knly go with 30g in the end.


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