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  1. Great stuff, well done Dave. It’ll probably get better over the next few weeks too! cheers
  2. Hey stickers, looks like a beauty there. I’ve been looking at that recipe as I had a scotch ale from Uncle Dan’s and it was delicious! It seemed like a lot of sugar (500g) and was wondering how that would impact the beer… Interested to see how it turns out for you. Keep us updated please!! Good luck
  3. Well brew day was actually yesterday, but didn’t get time to post as I had to rush off for a quick sip with friends. But I did get to try a Irish red ale which was loosely based on @Otto Von Blotto ‘s recipe. As I am a partial masher I adjusted it as best I could, bearing in mind that I couldn’t get some grains so had to substitute. Black Rock lager tin (sorry Coopers but I needed low bitterness to start and your lager tin had too many IBUs) 800g Crisp best ale malt 360g Gladfields Shepherds delight 200g Munich light 200g carapils 75g JW roasted barley 500g LDME 250g Dextrose Fuggles and EKG Repitched Nottingham yeast from previous brew-fermenting at 15C.
  4. My condolences @Graubart Take care brother
  5. They’re both good hops so should go well. Happy brewing
  6. Awesome news man. Happy days!! Oh I forgot to ask…what hops goes in a Carlsberg?
  7. Hey @iBooz2 Boozer I sincerely hope this story in the news is not about your area… That would really suck…
  8. Good winter brew. Nice malty flavour, and is that EKG I’m getting on the aroma? Not bitter at the finish at all. It looks dark in the photo, but with a light behind it, it’s quite red..
  9. Never tried that yeast method and am interested to hear how it goes. Good luck @stquinto
  10. Maybe a chance to put down a lager? Sorry Shamus, couldn’t resist. Our power came back on at 1 am so hopefully yours does soon too. Not much fun being cold. Good luck with getting the jenny
  11. Hey Dan, I find the APA kit a good one too. I haven’t tried the Real Ale kit yet so can’t really comment on why that particular kit would give a “greenish taste”. I have had what I describe as a green or apple cider flavour before in other kits though. Some things you may like to consider: 1) some yeasts can give off an ester that is described as green apple. Try keeping your brew at a constant temperature, and at the lower end of its recommended range. This is especially important in the first couple of days. This will help reduce esters overall. Also leave the brew in the fermenter for a couple of days after fermentation appears “finished”. 2) Try a different yeast. US05 and Nottingham are both fairly neutral ale yeasts in my view (others may have a different view - it is subjective I guess). 3) Reduce the amount of sugar or dextrose in your recipe. I’m not sure if you use table sugar or dextrose in your recipe. In my experience excessive amounts of sugar can seem to promote an apple cider like taste (which does seem to fade a little over time). I stick to a max of 250g dextrose these days. 4) Time. How long are you letting your beer age for before consuming? I know Coopers say “after two weeks” but I age mine for four weeks at the absolute minimum. They’re better after 8 weeks though. Time can help reduce that “green” young beer taste. Keep brewing and try different things. There’s plenty of help available from the brewers on this forum. Best of luck. TB
  12. All the best @iBooz2 booza. I know how you feel. Our power went off last night and they reckon it’ll be back on in 3 days. Luckily I didn’t have a brew planned like you. Good luck with the repairs
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