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  1. Hey peeps and freaks, Well today I brewed a bit of an Aussie Lager for a mate who has been forking out north of $70 a slab for gluten-free beer. I offered to brew a gluten reduced beer for him and he chose to go with an Aussie Bitter. So with a bit of help from the Coopers recipe archive, and some helpful advice from @Journeyman, @iBooz2and @Shamus O'Sean I cobbled together a bit of a recipe, borrowing bits from here and there to suit what I had in stock. So here it is … the Mongrel Bitter coopers Canadian Blonde tin BE3 600g Gladfield Pilsner malt 250g Dextrin malt (both mashed at 65 degrees C for 60 minutes, 30 minute boil) 10g PoR and 10g Saaz (both at 10 mins) Clarity Ferm 10 ml repitched W34/70 at 10 degrees C 23 litres fermenting at 12.5 degrees C OG 1.046 IBU: 37 Thanks for your help guys. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out
  2. Aah next time…sorry man I put it on today and have just read your post. I was thinking about using 1.5 kg LME , but opted for a BE3 and a small mash with a bit of PoR and Saaz. I’ll post up on “What’s in your fermenter” as I just took a pic. Was yours 20 litres Shamus? I took mine out to 23 litres…
  3. That would be quite a legacy Christina, if you can get that variety into commercial production. Good vibes and positive vibrations to you
  4. Are you in Geneva Sainter? I flew into “G-Town” once and was surprised how close it was to the border of La France. Went down to Aix les Bains for a bit of a cycling odyssey. Lovely spot.
  5. Thanks Boozer, just the info I was looking for. I already have the Canadian can so will run with that, but add 250g carapils and do a short boil with some PoR.
  6. Never done it, but I would be tempted to get one of these food grade spouts. Screw on to the top of the cube… https://www.wasealers.com.au/shop/accessories/pour-spout/
  7. Hey brewers. Anyone brewed the True Aussie Bitter from Coopers recipe archive? I’m looking at making an Aussie bitter style beer for a mate of mine. This one uses the Canadian blonde can and 1kg DME brewed to 20 litres but no extra hops. Just wondering if anyone has tasted this brew and has any feedback on bitterness/taste ? Thinking I might chuck in some extra PoR hops for extra bitterness/flavour but not sure if needed…. Cheers TB
  8. My maths teacher always said there’s only 3 types of people in this world….those that can count…and those that can’t
  9. Hey Christina, TVAR is The Voyage Advanced Recipe packs. Not sure what yeast is in the American Ale yeast…
  10. I heard they went broke because they couldn’t afford to keep replacing the beer glasses
  11. Sometimes you can get an artificially high reading if you take the first sample from the tap which has a higher proportion of undissolved malt extract. I run a bit out of the tap into a sanitized jar, tip that back into the fv and then take a sample for the starting gravity
  12. My hydrometer doesn’t go that high… 1.070 maybe? How many litres was it? You’ve got quite a bit of liquid malt in that recipe (3.8kg) so I would expect a high reading….but not 1.7
  13. There is an ester called ethyl acetate that can be produced by yeast that smells like nail polish remover. I wonder if that is the problem? usually caused by too high ferment temperature or under pitching yeast…Not sure if it fades over time though…
  14. Hey Saint. Yep that’s what I do. Just swirl it up in the jar and tip it in. I rinse out the jar through the FV tap which gets the last bit of yeast out and also runs a bit through the tap ready for your first gravity reading
  15. I wouldn’t lose the malt as you will lose body in the beer and head retention will suffer. And I wouldn’t go to 25 litres either or the IPAness (made up word!) will suffer. If you wanted to lower the ABV% it would be better to dial down the sugar IMO… I too like the toucan idea, with both yeasts and the Galaxy. Would be a good IPA I reckon…
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