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  1. Yes I added clarity ferm. A mate is GF, but not celiac.
  2. An early taste of the most recent English Bitter. In a new vessel too! Not as good as the first two, but still a bit young. It’s very bitter. Goes by the festive name of Prickly Whiskers
  3. Ahhh, my mistake. I thought you might have added the hop bags into the fermenter and left them there - which is why I suggested to get them out. I hope you enjoy your new variation Jenny
  4. great idea Greeny D-rest, pressure ferment to finish and carbonation all in one go. Save time, save CO2. I guess 2 weeks at room temp and then cold store to lager?
  5. Yep, extra sugar in the 500g DME results in higher ABV. You could pull those hops out now if you like
  6. Good stuff Mick. What hops have you got for that one, I can’t quite read the labels? Looks like good ingredients - let me know how it turns out
  7. Maybe the extra stirring is helping with your increased efficiency Shamus? Gotta be good for spreading those enzymes about to get to work. I notice @AussiekrautAK has decided to solve his hyper efficiency problem by passing his grains through the mill uncracked! Many ways to the top
  8. What’s under the beery blanket? Pilsner! Well not yet but it’s on its way. Mashing 1kg Pilsner malt and 250g carapils at 65 degrees C. Will add this to 500g DME and the Coopers Pilsner kit. Will add 25g Hallertau Mittelfrüh at the end of the boil (no saaz on hand but hey, it’s still a nice noble hop so will have to do). Also using the lager yeast that I fired up in a starter 2 days ago First time using the 86 days pilsner kit.
  9. OK 3 hours later and there is definitely action. The bottle with the screw top lid was hard, and when I loosened the cap it started hissing out (presumably) CO2. Smelt fine. So looks like a success. Now I will have to organize a brew for tomorrow or later today…
  10. Ok so today I tried to resurrect the old lager yeast. I added 160g of LDME to 1.6 litres of water. Boiled for 5 minutes. I then transferred the pot into a sink of cold water to cool down. Added cling wrap around the lid to keep the nasties out. When cooled I poured into sanitized bottles and added the yeast - 1 jar per bottle. Have stored in a warm place out of the light. See what happens…
  11. Yes I thought that was interesting info too. Definitely worth a shot IMO. Cheers
  12. Into a really nice stout now. This is been a great beer but disappearing fast!
  13. WOW I guess you were thirsty… Looks awesome, enjoy
  14. Great colour. Thanks for posting that. I did a red ale once but came out much darker than that. I’ll find your recipe and take note of how much roast barley you used. Cheers mate Pale Ale partial mash with Galaxy, El dorado, cascade, motueka (all late) I think
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