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  1. It’s got (amongst other things) malted barley extract, yeast, water and dextrose in it. It’s basically a beer in solid state…
  2. Bootmaker pale ale while cooking pizza on the bbq. Cheers everyone
  3. Yep it’s much more bitter than the regular pale ale kit. Probably more suited as a base for an IPA. It did fade a little bit with time in the bottle though… Ill probably go back to the regular pale ale kit me thinks
  4. Wow, respect. Tough sport. I can run and ride ….but when I swim it looks like a drunken octopus in a fight with a washing machine
  5. Great to hear the HW lives on!! Looks the real Mckoy too. Nicely mown lawn = less joe blakes too . I live in regional Vic up near lake Eildon. That is my usual ride up in those hills above the lake. Beautiful spot away from traffic and great views too. Back on topic (sorry for the bike detour everyone) I’ve followed @BlackSandslead and into a lovely summer ale. Would love to brew a HW one day@Itinerant Peasant IP, maybe next cab off the rank. I believe some hallertau mittelfruh and some lally Munich yeast might be the way forward there?…oh and a blow off tube!!! Cheers everyone
  6. Here it is on today’s ride, and a better photo at the top. Norco Search gravel bike but I use it as a roady mainly. All carbon, very comfortable and good for working off all the beers
  7. I just got back from a 2 hour ride. You’re making me thirsty! I might have to join you BS!! Your beer looks the goods
  8. Yeah I used Coopers liquid wheat. Maybe that’s darker…
  9. I love a happy ending! Glad it all worked out well Phil . I had my Bootmaker PA a couple of weeks ago (with cascade and Galaxy) and it was really bitter, quite intense and not enjoyable. Cracked one tonight and bitterness had really faded and tasted great. Seems darker than yours though…maybe snagged an older can
  10. For your porter I would probably go with Nottingham ale yeast if you can keep your brew close to 22 or below. It will suit the style much more than kveik. Yep you obviously need temperature control to cold crash - something to do further down the track. Probably most beneficial for lagers in my opinion. As for dirty batch, no it doesn’t have to be the same beer style, just a beer that will be suited by that yeast. For example if you brew your porter with Nottingham, your next batch could be a stout or an English bitter or a pale ale - anything that you can ferment with Nottingham. If you tip an ale on a lager yeast, you will make another lager. Lagers are fermented at 12-15 degrees C, so probably not for you until you get temperature control. The yeast that comes with the Coopers kit is actually an ale yeast. Confusing at first but there it is… Hope that helps mate
  11. Cheers mate. I found them on the grain and grape site.
  12. Hey @Mickep Mick it seems all is not lost. This article below is an experiment where the beer is actually dry hopped during cold crash: https://brulosophy.com/2016/01/18/dry-hop-temperature-warm-vs-cool-exbeeriment-results/ The results noted a milder flavour but also less harsh bitterness. This finding is also partly supported by the article below which suggests (among other findings) that most of the fruity flavours and aromas are actually extracted in the first 24 hours, and longer times may extract other harsher hop compounds that mask those desirable fruity hop flavours, and increase bitterness: http://scottjanish.com/a-case-for-short-and-cool-dry-hopping/ interesting reading anyway. The rabbit hole deepens…
  13. Hey @Pomdrinking welcome aboard! Just one note on cold crashing - you need to be sure that fermentation has completed before dropping the temperature. Once the brew gets cold the yeast stop working and drop out of suspension as the others have mentioned. Where are you based? What’s the ambient temp where you will be brewing your porter?
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