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Ol fart

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I am considering setting up for small batch brews, and looking at using food grade plastic buckets with clip on lids, drill hole, airlock, syphon.

MY question is, are there any other considerations, in my choice of fermenter. Im looking at 5 to 15 litre brews, mainly ales. 

Cost is the main motivator for the choice of buckets. I currently do 23 ltr, extract type brews, experimenting with grain, hops etc.

any advice is appreciated.

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@Ol fart

a bucket with a good sealing lid will be perfect for that and how you suggest

I would also look at   drilling a hole just above where the trube will sit  and place a Tap to make it easier to transfer
otherwise you will have to look at transfering through a syphon like  @MUZZY suggested

or you could get a 15 litre jerry Can  style hdpe  and do the same drill  a hole for the airlock
the good thing here is  there will be a bung you can remove for the  Tap  which will make it easy for samples and bottling 


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7 minutes ago, Ol fart said:

Thank you, two great replys the jerry can thing is the go i think.

by a fresh wort kit  from grain and grape they are 15litres  

you kill 2 birds with 1 stone

brew the 15litres and add  water to your required amount  eg 8 litres if you want 23l

then give a good clean  drill ya hole for o ring and airlock

put the tap in and then fill your 10 litres to ferment

easy done

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